Friday, February 28, 2014


Happy Friday one and all.  I am so loving the things I have learned thus far when it comes to photo's.  I tried my hand at my first "sim" setting.  I'm loving this picture!  Love the shadows!  Anyway, time to jet.  
Mens Chinos - Color of Spring - Sand @ MC Fashion & Events
Ice Rose Dress Shirt - Blue
**$55L's each for the durration of the current round @ MC Fashion & Events**
Slink Hands Casual and Mid High Feet @ Slink
Slink Heels @ Alyce
Juliana tank Skintone - Brown Brow w/Cleavage and Freckles @ Morphine
Unisex Pierced Elf Ears Version 1 @ Mandala
Jolene - Black & Whites w/Hud Controlled Cap @ Truth Hair

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  1. Love it -Thank you :) - The shadows in the pic are awesome!