Sunday, February 23, 2014

Walking Dead Sunday

Being a huge fan of The Walking Dead,  you get this concept.  If you haven't seen TWD, *in Jancie voice from Friends* "Oooh Myyy Gaawwd!"  It is a must see, get hooked on, watch marathon, type of TV show.
I look forward to tonight's episode.  Glad Carol is back.  She effen rawks.  Anyway, enough babbling.

In most of my photos, I usually always wear a few items. Very rarely do I take them off.  Here is the list of repeated photographed items.  You can find links to these in-world locations in my past blog posts.  Almost always shown in my photos are, tattoo's, wedding ring, neko tail/ears, regular ears, eyelashes, shape, Slink hands, necklace and bracelets, and facial piercing.  You can find links to these places in past blog posts.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me.  ;-)

Freya Tan Skintone - Tired/Berry Brow w/Freckles @ Morphine
Unnatural Eye Colors - Lilly @ Morphine
Leather & Laced Belt - Coal @ EarthStones
Leather Army boots @ Sakide
Gwen Layered Corset - Camo @ Sn@tch
Skintight Leather Shorts - Black @ Sn@tch
Fiorelle Pants @ Glitzz  *NEW REALEASE*
**There are several type of designs for these pants.  Many to choose from.  They also come with the applier for Phat Azz.**
Blaack Rose Katana @ Musashi Blades
Springfield XD 45ACP @ Black Ops Weapons

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