Monday, January 27, 2014


Just a few things.  The Hipster Fair is still going on, but not for much longer.  Do visit if you can.  Also, a new round of MC Fashion Events.  This round is called Glamour.  I hope you like this look that I put together.  I swapped out Celeste's shape for Medow's shape.  Until next time.

Baii Maii - 07- Unisex Buckle Boots (Mesh/Color Hud/Resizer)
Morphine - Celeste Tan Skintone (Smokey/Light Brow) @ The Hipster Fair 2014
Morphine - Infinity Eye Colors (Light Green)
Morphine - Medow Shape (Not available)
Ducknipple - Wacko Jacket (Mesh/Color Hud)
Ducknipple - Denim Mini Skirt (Warm) (Mesh)
Sn@tch - Goodgirl Socks (Purple)
Sn@tch - Legion Jewelry Set
Truth Hair - Rocky (Reds)
Utopiah - Cat Tiara (Mesh/Ink)
Pervette - Glamour Tattoo @ MC Fashion Events - Glamour
iPoke Piercings - Classics

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I will not have any internet service after today.  I will try and return as soon as I can.  In the meantime, please enjoy this post for the opening of The Hipster Fair 2014.  Morphine is one of the designers that is sponsoring this event.  Enjoy!

Jan 21, 2014 to Feb 04, 2014
Theme: Hipster & Indie Fashion Style 

*Morphine : Audrey's Off-Shoulder Shirt (PrintMint) @ THE HIPSTER FAIR 2014
*Morphine : Audrey Shorts (Plain Khaki) @ THE HIPSTER FAIR 2014
*Morphine : Celeste Tan Skintone (Nude/Light w/CL) @ THE HIPSTER FAIR 2014
*Morphine : Celeste's Lip Colors Pack (Pink/Dark w/Teeth) @ THE HIPSTER FAIR 2014
**Shape, Eyes, and Eyebrow shape are from skin pack.**
Ploom - Celeste - Candy (Hud w/Bows)
Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir Shoes - Marina Wedges (White)
Addiction Jewelry - Hoop Crazy Dangle Earrings
Cae - Charmed Necklace - Grace
Death Row Design - Post Apocalyptic Nerd - Rings (White)
Ko'oeku - Angle Piercing (Mesh/Light Silver)
Xcite! Belly
Quintessencia - Tattoo Zodiac Signs (Taurus)
Cherry Bomb - Chinese Love Symbols Tattoo (Lower)
**Only @ Cherry Bomb Marketplace.**

Sunday, January 19, 2014


In this post, I'll have two posts.  Post #1, R U SCARED!?  I am featuring a new release from GLITZZ, and a limited edition from Death Row Designs.  I picked up DRD's from Project Limited.  Very few quantities were available, but has sold out.  Enjoy.

Glitzz - Alicia Dress (New Release)
Morphine - Kazumi EyeShadow Pack (Fuel Liner)
Morphine - Kazumi Tan Skintone (All Bundle) (Natural/BerryBrow)
Morphine - Trinity - Aura Eyes
Death Row Design - Limited Collection (Only @ Project Limited)
Scrub - Black Nails & Cameo Necklace
Exile - American Woman - Dark Reds (Rouge)
Wicked Tattoos - Dark Angel

******BONUS POST******
This is post #2, CATWOMAN.  I am in love with this look.  Pure sexuality, passion, and has the bondage effect.  I hope ya'll like this one too.

EarthStones - Cat Eyes - Blue Topaz
Exile - Hold On Loosely - Dark Reds
Graves - Wildcat
Morphine - Kazumi EyeShadow Pack (Fuel Liner)
Morphine - Kazumi Tan Skintone (Natural/BerryBrow)
Death Row Design - Limited Collection (Boots, Mask)@ Project Limited

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hello my dear readers and followers.  Mirror's Enigma is in the transition of re-branding.  Mirror's Enigma will now be known as Morphine.  The transition will take place as soon as it can.  Keep on the look out for more of a wide variety of items.  For now, there is a new release.  Her name is Kazumi.  You have seen a couple of my posts showing Kazumi in the skintone of tan.  Well, now she is available in milk, peach, and tan!  Each skin bundle comes with like a gazillion options, as well as a special shape, and two different colored eyes.  Kazumi also has two different types of lip color, and an eye make-up.  You can pick up Kazumi at Morphine's(Mirror's Enigma) in-world headquarter's.

Morphine's Logo's


[:ME:] Kazumi Tan Skintone (All Bundle) (Mauve/BerryBrow)
[:ME:] K2W Special Shape #XS
[:ME:] Trinity - (Aura Eyes)
League - Etta Knit Dress (Oatmeal)
League - Lauren Wedge Boots (Burgundy)
Pixel Mode - Diamond Edition Nails (Long)
Truth Hair - Hilary - (Reds)
Izzie's - Heart Tights (Eggshell) @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Morphine (Mirror's Enigma)
Pixel Mode
Truth Hair
The Dressing Room Fusion

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Another look with Kazumi, and MC Fashion Event, Booty Call.

Upcoming New Release @ Mirror's Enigma

[:ME:] Kazumi Tan Skintone (All Bundle) (Shade/BerryBrow w/CL)
[:ME:] K2W Special Shape #XS (Included in skintone bundle)
[:ME:] Trinity - Aura Eyes
*Kazumi comes with a gazillion options, along with different shapes to choose from, and two different eye colors.  As always, each skintone bundle has the appliers included.*
Glitzz - Booty Call - Shelly Earrings (Pink Baby) @ MC Fashion's Booty Call
Glitzz - Victoria's Boots - White @ Glitzz
Aura Blue - Sexy Sin Dress (Mesh) @ MC Fashion's Booty Call
Apple May Design - Believe Rings - (Her's) (Free Gift) @ Apple May Design
Identity Body Shop - Leopard Tattoo (Faded) @ The Boobies Show
Izzie's - Heart Tights @ The Dressing Room Fusion @ Izzie's In-World
Ducknipple - Viva Collar (Mesh/w/Hud) @ Ducknipple

This look just surprised me.  Once again, Second Life,
(peoples avatars) showed me WHAT NOT TO DO!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


On January 10, 2014 MC Fashion and Events has opened to an event called, Booty Call.  The event will close on January 23, 2014.  There are 19 designers who have items out during this event.  If you would like more information on this event, please visit their blog at MC Fashion & Events.

Psy's Closet & Creations - Booty Call (Black) @ MC Fashion Event
[:ME:] Kazumi Tan Skintone (Bundle) (Dainty/BerryBrow)
*Kazumi is an upcoming new release.  Stay tuned to when Kazumi will be released.
[:ME:] Juliana Eye Shadows Pack (Silver w/Liners) & [:ME:] Juliana Lip Colors Pack (Dark Pink w/Teeth)
EYES:  [:ME:] Trinity - Enchant Eyes
Truth Hair - Parvati (Variety Pack)
Death Row Designs - Post Apoc Nerd Stompers (Coal) (New Release)
*VIP's and group members receive a 15% discount.
    ~BELT:  EarthStones - Symbolic Belt - Triquetra
    ~EARRINGS:  Caroline's Jewelry - Large Hoop Earrings (Gift)
    ~BRACELETS:  RealEvil - Stud Leather Bracelets
    ~TIARA:  Utopiah - Cat Tiara (Black/Mesh)
    ~NAILS:  Utopiah Peace & Love Hand Set (Nails Only/Bubblegum)
    ~KEY-CHAIN:  Legit - Zodiac Key-chain (Taurus) (No links to be found.)
    ~FLASK:  Dirtyland - Pocket Flask Legband
    ~FACIAL PIERCING:  Haus of Darcy - Fast Hardbeat (Mesh/Silver Lining)
    ~COLLAR:  Sakide - Attitude Collar (Black)
    ~NECKLACE:  Magic Nook - Over The Moon (Mesh/Silver)
    ~RING ON RIGHT HAND:  Kennedy's - Bitch Double Ring
MC Fashion Event
Psy's Closet & Creations
Truth Hair
Death Row Designs
Caroline's Jewelry
Haus of Darcy
Magic Nook
The Dression Room Fusion

Sunday, January 5, 2014


As I sit in front of this screen, listening to "One Last Breath" by Creed, I just want to cry.  I mean really ball my eyes out.  I keep playing the song over, over, and over.  Yeppers, in one of them type of moods right now.

I cannot come up with the words to express this blog post.  This past Christmas and New Year's has been busy for me.  Cooking, wrapping gifts, visiting family, I am just glad its over for another year.

During these past couple of weeks I have forgotten to blog some things, with that, I am truly sorry.  With that being said, I'd like for you to take a look at what I have for you.  I tried using a different wind-light setting, and pleased on how the pictures turned out.  Enjoy!

Max Gossamer - Eyelashes - Wild Full Thick (Black)
Addiction - Antique Blossom Set (Pearl)
Utopiah - Cat Tiara (Silver)
***New Releases @ [:ME:]***
[:ME:] Basic High Heels (White)
[:ME:] Juliana Eye Shadows Pack (Silver w/Liner)
[:ME:] Juliana Lip Colors Pack (Pink, Dark w/Teeth)
[:ME:] Juliana Tan Skintone (Bundle) (Preckled/Ginger)
[:ME:] A2W Special Shape
[:ME:] Trinity Eyes - (Blind)
Hebenon Vial - Jewel (Ink) (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Parvati (Variety Pack)
Indyra Original - La Fillette Collection (White) (Winter Release #2)

In-World Links
Hebenon Vial
Truth Hair
Indyra Original

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello one and all!  I would like to take this moment and wish everyone a joyous New Year.  I am pleased that 2013 is in the history books.  A lot has happened.  I hope everyone makes due on their resolutions this year.  I have a few myself.  One of which is to try and blog more.  LOL!  We'll see how that goes, right? ;-)
Where there is hope, one can believe.  Until next time.

Check out this look I came up with.  Clothes, collar, top, and boots are all from a new designer I am blogging for.  I like for you to meet [baii maii].  You can find [baii maii] in-world and on the Marketplace.

[:ME:] Freya Tan Skintone (Bundle)(Natural/BerryBrow)
[:ME:] Freya Cat EyeShadow(Blue/Full)
[:ME:] Freya Plain Lips(Pale/Dark Lips)
Baii Maii - 09 Pleated Skirt(Mesh)(Skirt Only)
                   This skirt does come with a belt, but not shown here.
Baii Maii - 011 Collar/Puff-top(Mesh)
Baii Maii - 017 Boots (Leather)(Black/Grey)(Mesh)
Adoness - Playful Fae - Brick Pink @ Christmas Market (Until Jan. 1, 2014)
Adoness - Toxaris - Integrity(Mahogany/Shaved Swirls - Red) @ Frost Fair(Until Jan. 5, 2014)
Adoness - Lilin - Choker/Earrings (Diamond)(Earrings Shown)
Insufferable Dastard - September Gift
Apple May Design - Believe Ring His/Hers (Hers Shown)(Group Gift)
Haus of Darcy - Fast Hardbeat (Mesh)(Silver Lining)

*F R O S T
*Baii Maii
*Insufferable Dastard
*Apple May Design
*Haus of Darcy