Friday, February 28, 2014


Happy Friday one and all.  I am so loving the things I have learned thus far when it comes to photo's.  I tried my hand at my first "sim" setting.  I'm loving this picture!  Love the shadows!  Anyway, time to jet.  
Mens Chinos - Color of Spring - Sand @ MC Fashion & Events
Ice Rose Dress Shirt - Blue
**$55L's each for the durration of the current round @ MC Fashion & Events**
Slink Hands Casual and Mid High Feet @ Slink
Slink Heels @ Alyce
Juliana tank Skintone - Brown Brow w/Cleavage and Freckles @ Morphine
Unisex Pierced Elf Ears Version 1 @ Mandala
Jolene - Black & Whites w/Hud Controlled Cap @ Truth Hair

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I wanted to show you this lil' neutral outfit.  Just about any type of accessories will go with this lil' number.  I am so glad that spring is just right around the corner.

Eri Top & Gingham Skirt - Brown by kDm @ MC Fashion Events Only
AvEnhance Feet Female High & Hands - Elegant @ Slink
Freya Tan Skintone - Blush-Freckles/Berry Brow w/Cleavage @ Morphine
Nox Black Heart Set @RealEvil
Harley - Variety @ Truth Hair


Hello there everyone!  I have another item to show you for MC Fashion & Events.  I hope you enjoy it, because I think its adorable.  Still learning new lighting effects in-world and in my photo shop program.  It just excites me for learning something new everyday.  Have a great day.

Mad Hare by Fallen Dreams @ Mc Fashion & Events for $75's
Freya Tan Skintone - Blush-Freckles/Berry Brow w/Cleavage @ Morphine
Nox Black Heart Set @ RealEvil
Harley - Variety @ Truth Hair
Curtains by Glitterati (Closed in-world.)
**Glitterati can still be found on Marketplace.**

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Today (02/25/2014) is a new round at MC Fashion & Events.  This round is dedicated to a theme of Spring!  Within the next few days or so, I will be showing you what is being offered by different designers.  In today's post I want to show you 6 different dresses from M&M Fashions.  What a lovely set of dresses to show you.  In each dress purchase, you will receive two different versions of the dress.  Feel free to visit MC Fashion & Events, or you can find M&M at their MP store.  *All of the dresses come in sizes for standard mesh sizing and alpha layer.  A compatible mesh SL viewer is needed.*

Halterneck Mini Dress V2
Halterneck Mini Dress V2 -White
Azra Dress - Red
Akuma - Indecisive @ Ploom
Black Pearls Set @ RealEvil
Freya Tan Skintone - Smokey w/Berry Brow @ Morphine
Eve Temptation Jewelry Set - Bracelet @ PixelFashion

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bravura at MC Fashion & Events

MC Fashion & Events starts a new round, The Colors of Spring on 02/25/2014.  This round is going to be all about spring.  Many designers will have an exclusive item and/or a gift for you.  I am showing off an outfit for men.  It is all mesh, so therefore you have the different sizes ranging from S - XL and the alpha layer.
The shirt is a nice refreshing turquoise, with tan pants and a vest.  This outfit maybe for a male avatar, but it works just as well on a female one.  I hope you get the chance to head on down to MC Fashion & Events.

Bravura - MC Exclusive (FOR MEN) @ MC Fashion & Events
Magika - Road (03) (Come with hud.)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Walking Dead Sunday

Being a huge fan of The Walking Dead,  you get this concept.  If you haven't seen TWD, *in Jancie voice from Friends* "Oooh Myyy Gaawwd!"  It is a must see, get hooked on, watch marathon, type of TV show.
I look forward to tonight's episode.  Glad Carol is back.  She effen rawks.  Anyway, enough babbling.

In most of my photos, I usually always wear a few items. Very rarely do I take them off.  Here is the list of repeated photographed items.  You can find links to these in-world locations in my past blog posts.  Almost always shown in my photos are, tattoo's, wedding ring, neko tail/ears, regular ears, eyelashes, shape, Slink hands, necklace and bracelets, and facial piercing.  You can find links to these places in past blog posts.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me.  ;-)

Freya Tan Skintone - Tired/Berry Brow w/Freckles @ Morphine
Unnatural Eye Colors - Lilly @ Morphine
Leather & Laced Belt - Coal @ EarthStones
Leather Army boots @ Sakide
Gwen Layered Corset - Camo @ Sn@tch
Skintight Leather Shorts - Black @ Sn@tch
Fiorelle Pants @ Glitzz  *NEW REALEASE*
**There are several type of designs for these pants.  Many to choose from.  They also come with the applier for Phat Azz.**
Blaack Rose Katana @ Musashi Blades
Springfield XD 45ACP @ Black Ops Weapons

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Ok, I have to admit, I have a slight addiction to photo shopping.  Show and tell one how to do some editing of photos, and KAPOW!  You are hooked.  With that being said, I wanted to play around some more.
Oh and another thing, I AM SO FLIPPIN IN LOVE WITH SLINK HANDS/FEET!  Did I mention that I love SLINK?!  Oh yeah!  I did.  *giggling*

Happy Saturday
Medsy =^.^=

Nikkah Outfit - Top Only - W/Hud @ SLX 

Skinny Jeans - New Years Special - W/Hud @ Cynful

**Kennedy's "Bitch Ring"**
*Kennedy's is no longer open in-world.*

Slink Feet (Mid) and Hands (Pack 1/Casual) (Appliers for skin and nails available at Morphine.)
Slink Heels - Impossible @ Alyce
*I have to say, I LOVE SLINK!*

Freya Tan Skintone - Natural/Berry Brow
Freya Plain Lips - Lush/Dark Lips
Freya Cat Eye Shadow - Mint/Full
Unnatural Eye Colors - Enchanted
*All of Freya and eyes, can be found at Morphine.*

Black Skinny Neko Tail @ Psychotic Neko
*The bow is color changeable by chat menu.  Also, the tail is interactive.*

Neko Ears - Pierced - Black @ Epic
*Twitched or plain pierced..*

Black heart Set @ RealEvil

American Woman - Dark Reds @ Exile

**For past few posts, I have had on the same eyelashes, tattoos, and facial piercing.**

Friday, February 21, 2014


In a few days, MC Fashion Events will be starting another round.  It will be Spring themed.  I cannot wait until Spring to arrive.  I've had it with this coldness.  The dress I have on is from Aura Blue.  I just love how the flower is being displayed on this dress.  I feel like how I look in this photo.  Anywho, still enjoying my photo shop program.  I have been missing out.  Glad I starated using it.

Spring Blue Moon Dress - By Aura Blue @ MC Fashion Events
Avatar Enhancement - Hands - Casual @ Slink
Cat Eyes - Emerald @ EarthStones
Aurora - Black/Whites - Raven @ Truth Hair
Against The Stream - Mesh - Ink @ Hebenon Vial
Cherry Star Tattoo @ Endless Pain Tattoos
Lux Celeste Necklace @ RealEvil
Nox Silver Bangles (Group Gift) @ RealEvil
Evil Eye Makeup @ Corvus
Steking Ears @ Mandala
Freya Tan Skintone - Dread w/DarkBrow @ Morphine
Patty Shoes @ Severed Garden

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I was wanting to blog this top for ages now.  Just remembered I had it in my Sn@tch folder.  I wanted to put my own little "Outcasted" twist on Minnie Mouse.  Enjoy!
Medsy =^.^=

EarthStones Cat Eyes
Exile - Perfect Promise - Dark Reds
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand - Casual
Xodohtronu - Star Eyes Cateye Glasses - Red
Apple May Designs - Fashionista Bangles - Black
Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
Pixel Mode - Tabi Boots - Black
Dollle - Cat Ears Leather Head Band
Morphine - Iona Thong and Stockings -Black
Morphine - Freya Tan Skintone - Blush/DarkBrow P w/ CL
Sn@tch - Minnie Blouse
Sn@tch - Miss Sparkle Mini - Mesh


Well, lookie who it is! A new release from Bubblez Design! Well, for me it has been. I really am enjoying learing new things every day. Today I learnt how to use Slink hands. WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! Thank you Ydreece. Anyway, I really love how the photo's turned out as well. Then not to mention, linked Flickr with my blog. I feel like I am in overdrive now! *Takes in deep breath.* =^.^= Medsy BBRainie_002 BBRainie_001

OUTFIT: Rainie @ Bubblez Design
SKIN: Freya Tan Skintone - Blush/Dark Brow P/w CL @ Morphine
EYES: Soulful - Beachy @ Insufferable Dastard
HAIR: Road - 03 @ Magika
Brandy - Black/Whites (Pearl) @ Truth Hair
HANDS: Slink - Casual @ SLink
EARS:  Meili Elf (Gen2) @ Southpaw (In-World Closed)
NECKLACE: Charmed - Grace @ Cae
BRACELETS: Lux Eclat Set (Wearing Bracelets From Set) @ RealEvil
BOOTS: Note Wellies @ Leonard
TIGHTS: Dotted After - Black @ Vive Nine

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Almost every time I put something pink on, I think of a few things.  The movie Pretty in Pink, the song Pink by Areosmith and the rockstar P!ink. The I will start singing, "Pink is a natural color."  =-.^=  I hope you enjoy this look that I came up with.  I stumbled upon it while looking through my endless inventory.

Attention male bloggers!  Morphine is looking for some male bloggers.  If you are interested, please contact, Ydreece Forster (Owner) or ShazneyValentine Resident (Store Manager).

Freya Tan Skintone (Natural/BerryBrow w/CL) @ Morphine
Heather Indecisive Eyeshadow (Magenta) @ Morphine

Dark Carnie Corset Set - Hot Pink (Partial Mesh) @ Epic
Platform Pumps - Crocodile - Electric Pink (Mesh)
Neko Ears - Pierced - Black
Colorable Whiskers
Corest Neko Tail - (Interactive, Strings Color Changable) @ Psychotic Neko

Jeweled Satin Cuff (Gems Colorable) @ Sn@tch
Illyria Eyes - Feline (Pink)

Attitude Collar - Black (w/Hud) @ Sakide

Tango's - Mirage @ Lola's

Jordan - Reds - Blood (Changeable Streaked) @ Truth Hair

Unisex Steking Ears (w/Hud - Mesh) @ Mandala

Against Teh Stream - Ink (Mesh) @ Hebenon Vial

Lucky Stroke Ciggie - Darkish Goth @ Virtual/Insanity

Cherry Star Tattoo - @ Endless Pain Tattoos

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


It's a Sn@tch kind of post today.  My outfit is from a past Fish 4 This-Meadow.  I am just loving all the types of blues, blue/greens in the fabrics of this ensemble.  Normally I don't go for this color, but the outfit drew me to it. Heather is still at The Final Fantasy Festival for only $250L's for each skin pack.  Heather will be there until February 21.  Only a few more days.  If you haven't had the chance to get there, better hurry!  Probably not as lagged down now as well!

Medsy =^.^=

*P.S.  You can also pick up Seph Pale Skintone while you are at the festival. He is the latest release from Morphine.
**P.S.S.  I am just love learning new things.  What do you all think?  Better photos?
Media for Outcast Ink:

SKIN/MAKE-UP: Heather - Tan Skintone (Nude/BrownBrow)
Heather - Indecisive Eyeshadow (Desire w/Lashes)
Heather - Lip Colors (Smooth Dark)
Final Fantasy Festival or Morphine

OUTFIT: Fish 4 This - Meadow (Past Outfit)
Jeweled Satin Cuffs (Color Change Jewels)


JEWELRY: Lux Celeste Set  
Lux Krista - Earrings & Ears

EYES: Shades of Green - Olive II
@ Insufferable Dastard

FACIAL PIERCING: Against the Stream - Ink (Mesh)
Hebenon Vial

HAIR: Tyr - Reds (Love Jugs)
@ Truth Hair

RING: Polka Vintage Ring - Aqua
@ Virtual/Insanaity

Tattoo: Cynth (Tango & Phat Azz Appliers included, but not shown in photo.)
@ Sourires Tattoos

Monday, February 17, 2014


Part of the re-branding that is going on at Morphine, there is now a WEE ROOM.  Until Morphine grows, the Wee Room is open to the public.  When that happens, it will be all exclusive for group members.  Since Morphine only has 2 items to start with, the room is where you can get the gifts.  Here is a small preview of what is being offered.

OUTFIT: Camo Girl (Partial Mesh) @ Alter Ego
EYES: Shades of Green - Olive II @ Insufferable Dastard
HAIR: Tyr - Reds (Mesh) @ Truth Hair
FACIAL PIERCING: Against The Stream - Ink (Mesh) @ Hebenon Vial
Pocket Flask Legband (Re-sizable) @ DirtyLand
FACE TATTOO'S: Bad Day - Face Tattoo @ Apple May Designs
Bruised Wrists & Face Scar Tattoos (Frost Fair Dollabies
Mayhem Tattoo (Given as a gift.)
SKIN: (LEFT) Manila Tan Skin (Nude Wee Pack) @ Morphine's Wee Room
(RIGHT) Manila Tan Skin (Smoky Wee Pack)
**Your options are; Brown, Heavy, Light Brow's w/DCL and without.  Along with the Lola's Tango, Lush Base Appliers, and Phat Azz Applier.**

Saturday, February 15, 2014


It's another Saturday night here where I am in this world.  One of my Sissy's, Ming was wearing this fur coat the last time I saw Ming-Ming. It's long, black, and looks like pure sex appeal.  So, I copied Ming-Ming, and got the fur coat.  Not sure if I pulled off the sexy look thought.  =-.^=  Yes, just a bit bored tonight.  I also was playing around with the lighting when took the pic's.  Meh, guess they are okay.  I do like the B & W one though.  Oh yeah!  Go U.S.A. Men's Hockey!

The Ice Queen's Mink - Onyx (Mesh) @ Junbug
Kayla's Lingerie - Black @ Morphine's MP ~ Morphine's Main Store
Regency - Black Leather (Mesh) @ Bax Coen Boots
EarthStones - Wicked Vines Set (Necklace) @ EarthStones
Truth Hair - Alexis - Reds @ Truth Hair
ID - Essential Eyes - Teal Mix @ ID
Hebenon Vial - Against The Stream - Ink (Mesh)Hebenon Vial
Mandala - Steking Unisex Ears @ Mandala

Friday, February 14, 2014


~~<~@ Love is in the air thought the Second Life grid.  I hope you all get to spend it with the one you love. Whether, you plan on a romantic night in, candle light dinner, romantic movie, popping that question, "Will you marry me?" or just love the sales this time of year.  Whatever puts you in the mood, be inspired.  This outfit certainly inspired me. @~>~~
=^.^= Medsy  =^.^=

P.S.  In order to wear mesh clothing/attachments, you must have a Second Life viewer in order to wear mesh.
P.S.S.  Also, if you are not a group member of Morphine, it is by invite from a skin purchase.  At Morphine's main location in-world, there is a "Group Invite Skin" available for $75L's.

Lucky Stroke Ciggies - (Dark) @ Virtual/Insanity
Naboo Rings/Claws - (Evil) (Claws Pictured) @ Virtual/Insanity
Cat Eyes - Aquamarine @ EarthStones
Esperanza-Variety (Love Jugs) @ Truth Hair
Against the Stream - Ink (Mesh) @ Hebenon Vial
Starry Night Double Ring - Silver (Mesh) @ Magic Nook or The Dressing Room Fusion 
Neko Ears - Pierced - Black @ Epic
Kittie Whiskers - Saboteur **(Unable to find purchase info.)**
Short Hair Neko Tail @ Lemon Tea
Giraffe Print Tights @ Izzie's 
Busk Valentine Dress - Red @ Sakide
*Comes with hud controlled corset, and Lola's Tango Applier*
**(On sale for $100L's until 02/16/2014)**
Invern Boots - Black @ Sakide
My Cold Black Heart Jewelry Set @ Sn@tch
Jeweled Satin Cuffs @ Sn@tch
Tango Mirage Breasts @ Lola's
Manila Peach Skintone - Nude/Berry Brow @ Morphine 
**(02/2014 Group Gift)**
Freya Cat Eye Shadow/Liner - Pink/Full @ Morphine

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


For some time now I could not figure out how to use the Lola Boobs.  So, with a few L's in my pocket, I headed back down there.  I first looked for a re-delivery terminal, and wasn't successful.  As I was looking around, I discovered the Tango's.  I bought one, went back home, opened my package, attached the boobs, did some editing, brought out a skin applier from Morphine, and I have not wanted to take them off since then.  Now why couldn't I have done this from the start?  Hard tellin' with me.  Anyway, this post is my 100th, hence the title of the post.*small giggle*  There is A LOT of info. about Adoness in this post.  I'm diggin' these items from Adoness.  Hope ya'll enjoy!
Medsy =^.^=

**THRIFT SHOP** @ THE DEPRAVED NATION <~~Click for more info.
Another round of The Thrift Shop has opened their doors on 02/07/2014. The focus of this event is to gather a large variety of designers at one place. Each participating designer has released a brand new item which is discounted up to 50% along with some other previously released products which are also discounted exclusively for this event.

Adoness' Exclusive items:
--Adoness - Philippis - Cappuccino (Fragrance) (Mahogany w/Shaved Glass-Brown Shades Hair-base)
*Choices with Cappuccino are;  Mahogany, Copper, Mocha, and Strawberry.*
*Pitch Black is also available.  Pitch Black has different color options.  Those colors are, Amethyst, Hunter, Maroon, and Midnight.*
--Adoness - Andromeda - Pitch Black (Fragrance) (Maroon w/Shaved Damask - Black Shades Hair-base)  *Cappuccino Colors available.*  Philippis & Andromeda are 50% off, which means $90L's per color pack.
--Adoness - Havila Eyes - Ocean
*Havila Eyes also comes in other colors.  Those are, Amber, Asparagus, electric, Frost, Moss, Smoke, and Topaz.  Havila Eyes include eye layer, mesh eyes with special effects, full bright, glow, and regular.*  Havila Eyes are 50% off, which means $40L's per color.  If you enjoy wearing Adoness' eyes, this is the perfect event for you to buy some.

**WITH LOVE FAIR**   by ~~> WeDo SL Events <~~Click for more info.
The With Love Fair opened on 02/07/2014, and will last until 02/21/2014.  A fashion fair dedicated to feelings, affection and love. A wonderful environment to shop for your loved one for Valentine's Day!

Adoness' Exclusive Items:
With this event we are introducing a brand new line of corsets, Enyo and The Algea. All corsets are discounted!  Enyo and The Algea corsets are $99L's per color.  Now that's a grabin' corset bargin.

**TAINTED LOVE HUNT 2014**  by ~~> WOEFUL WEDNESDAY <~~Click for more info.
The Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt  whose theme is everything but the nice romantic love St. Valentine's Day celebrates; obsessional love, love of pain, loving someone to death, the love of the suicide pact, these are the types of themes this hunt will explore. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted, and talented designers and builders in Second Life, it runs from 02/01 to 02/28/2014.
Adoness - Love Monster Eyes - Sea (Gift)(Mesh included, resize-able, and different glow options)

**JACK OR JILL HUNT** <~~Click for more info.
Jack Or Jill is a Split Path GRID WIDE Hunt that will send hunters down gender appropriate paths in search of specific hunt objects.  The start location is Razor/// Mainstore, a MALE and FEMALE gift will be provided ONLY at this location.  Once you have found the gift at Razor///, the hunt path splits and leads you to 50 stores on each path that will provide gender appropriate gifts, for free.
Adoness is a part of female hunt.
Adoness - Zoria Underbust - Brown (Mesh)

Hint: "Pour me some wine already!"
Lola's -Tango Mirage (Mesh)
Epic - Black Tape Pasties (Tango/Lush)(V.I.P. Gift)
Morphine - Freya Tan Skintone (w/Freckles)
Mandala - Steking Ears (V 4)

Hebenon Vial - Against The Stream (Mesh/Ink)
Sn@tch - Radiance Earrings (Part of The Grand Dutchess Fishing Prize)

Saturday, February 8, 2014


The new round at MC Fashion & Events has started.  This round is called, Be My Valentine.  I don't know about you, but I just love being able to dress-up in pure smexiness.  Some designers are offering a free gift.  "HUH?!  You said FREE GIFT?!"  Yes, SOME designers are offering a free gift.  I think that deserves a chance to head on down to the current round of the MC Fashion & Events.  I'm showing just a a few items at MC Fashion & Events, called Part 1.

~ #1 ~ @ MC Fashion Events
TeeTee - Valentine Dolly Mesh Dress

*Comes with six sizes along with the upper and lower alpha layers.*
Zinas - Eyeshadow/Lipstick - (Romance)
Morphine - Celeste Tan Skintone (Natural/Brown w/ CL) & Trinity Eyes - (Hazel)
Pixel Mode - Tabi Boots - (Black)
Izzie's - Heart Tights
Also pictured...
Exile - Perfect Promise (Dark Reds) New Release
PixelFashion - Eve Temptation Jewelry Set V2

~ #2 ~ @ MC Fashion Events
Circus Noir - Free Kisses
*Hat (Diddle Clown w/Resizer), Top (w/Lola applier's), Stockings, and Hearts Tutu (Mesh).*

~ #3 ~ @ MC Fashion Events
M&M Incorporated - Myra Bodysuit - (Red)
*Comes with Lola's and Phat Azz applers.*
Truth Hair - Kirby -  (Reds)
RealEvil - Black Heart Necklace 1.2
Ko'oeku - Angle Piercing Mesh

~ #4 ~ @ MC Fashion Events
kDm - Simple Sweater Top (w/Color/Texture Changing Hud)
kDm - Fishnet Stockings (Gift)
*Black or red stockings in sock/tattoo layers, along with a Slink applier.*

~ #5 ~ @ MC Fashion Events
Nya's Shop - Be My Valentine Dress (Emerald/Mesh)
*This dress also comes in Rose, Ethnic, Garden, and Stripes.*

~ #6 ~ @ MC Fashion Events
Moolala - Sookie Dress - (Heart w/Color Changing Hud)

Friday, February 7, 2014


Today has started many events throughout SL.  Today I want to talk about Morphine's new exclusive release called, Heather's Ensemble.  This new release comes in a variety of color options. The colors to choose from are, Black, Blue, Red, Rosena, and White.  Below I have picked a couple of ways to show off Heather's Ensemble.  I have paired the dresses with Morphine's Heather Skintone in tan.  I hope you enjoy.
I tried something different with the lighting in these two pictures.  I am unsure how they look, but I learned how to make the shadows, which I am proud of finding out how to do.  I know the pictures aren't perfect, but they do look nice. ~~<~@ Medsy @~>~~

*Morphine - With Love Fair Exclusive Release <~~In-World
    Heather's Ensemble - White (Dress)
    Heather's Ensemble - Black (Vest)
    Heather's Ensemble - Blue (Dress w/Vest)
*Morphine - Heather Tan Skintone (Nude/BrownBrow)
                      Heather Indecisive Eyeshadow (Veil)
                      Heather Lip Colors (Raid Dark)
Truth Hair - Esperanza - Variety
Pixel Mode - Fae Wedge Shoes (Denim)(w/Hud for Skin/Toenails)
Modas Second - Raven Tattoo Income @ MC Fashion & Events(Current Round)
Insufferable Dastard - Shades of Green (Olive II)
RealEvil - Lux Eclat Set 1.3
PixelFashion - Temptation Jewelry Set V2.0 (Bracelet)

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Final Fantasy Festival begins tomorrow, 02/07/2014, and runs through to 02/21/2014, and Morphine has a new release for said festival.  I would like for you to meet Seph.  The Final Fantasy Festival is themed based.  You'll have your pick from Steampunk, Fantasy, Geeky, and/or Military.  I don't have a whole lot of male clothing, but I was able to find this outfit and paired it up with a hair that I thought looked masculine.  I also wanted to keep Seph simple.  I do hope you enjoy this look, and head on down to the Final Fantasy Festival.  If you would like to read more about the Final Fantasy Festival, click HERE.

 * Morphine - Seph Pale Skin (*V.Vincent)(StubbleD/BlackBrow) @ Final Fantasy Festival
                        A4W Male Shape & Eyebrow Shape (S/M) (Comes with Seph)
                        Trinity Eyes - Aura

 * Morphine - Seph Pale Skin (*V.Sephiroth)(Clean/WhiteBrow) @ Final Fantasy Festival
                        Trinity Eyes - Stained

 * Morphine - Seph Pale Skin (*V.Genesis)(Clean/BrownBrow) @ Final Fantasy Festival
                        Trinity Eyes - Shinra

 * Morphine - Seph Pale Skin (*V.Genesis)(Cloud/BlondeBrow) @ Final Fantasy Festival
                                 Trinity Eyes - Blind
                   HAIR:  Truth Hair - Harley - Variety(w/HUD)
SHIRT:  Deco - Islander Bowler  
SHORTS:  Deco - Islander (Coal)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Glitzz is offering three prizes for three different hunts.  All three have already started, and won't last much longer.  I hope you like 'em.  Enjoy!

Not Your Toy Hunt - Mistress
*Latex Pants, Shirt, Gloves, Eyelashes, Nails (Resizer), Collar (Mesh),
  Stockings, Boots, and Whip (Hand or Hip)
*Lola's and Phat Azz Appliers included.

Jack or Jill Hunt - Sweet Jeans - Pink
*Shirt, Shorts, Stockings
*Lola's and Phat Azz Appliers included.

Red Heart Hunt - Selly - Red
*Top, Underpants, Shirt (Mesh)

Truth Hair - Velvet (w/Roots) - Reds
Haus of Darcy
 *Fast Hardbeat Facial Piercing (Mesh)
 *Thrust Round Hip Dermals (Mesh)

Sunday, February 2, 2014


It is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not only one of my favorite teams, The Denver Broncos, but one of my favorite players, Peyton Manning are in the big game.  I have always enjoyed Peyton as a player, even when he was the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.  It is a pretty exciting day for American Football fans.  Here is my love for the Broncos along with my SL idiot brother that I call Sh*thead.  I do think that the Broncos will win against the Seattle Seahawks, with a score of 31-24.  Anyway, just wanted to share the love I have for the Broncos today of all days.  Enjoy!

Morphine - Medow Tan Skintone - Cream/Light Brown Brow (Medow is not available.)
Morphine - Socordia's Cosmetics Collection - Orange (Socordia is not available.)
Morphine - Juliana Eye Shadow Pack - Orange w/Liners
Insufferable Dastard - Gleeful Eye Pack - Orange
Peyton Manning Female Jersey (Creator, Vio Varriale)
Cynful - Skinny Jeans (New Year Special)
Baii Maii - 07 Unisex Buckle Boots (Mesh w/Resizer w/Color Changing Hud)
Magika - 03 - Many
Haus of Darcy - Thrust Round Hip Dermals (Mesh)
Hebenon Vial - Jewel (Ink/Mesh)
SLX - Special K Outfit (Bracelets Only)