Saturday, February 22, 2014


Ok, I have to admit, I have a slight addiction to photo shopping.  Show and tell one how to do some editing of photos, and KAPOW!  You are hooked.  With that being said, I wanted to play around some more.
Oh and another thing, I AM SO FLIPPIN IN LOVE WITH SLINK HANDS/FEET!  Did I mention that I love SLINK?!  Oh yeah!  I did.  *giggling*

Happy Saturday
Medsy =^.^=

Nikkah Outfit - Top Only - W/Hud @ SLX 

Skinny Jeans - New Years Special - W/Hud @ Cynful

**Kennedy's "Bitch Ring"**
*Kennedy's is no longer open in-world.*

Slink Feet (Mid) and Hands (Pack 1/Casual) (Appliers for skin and nails available at Morphine.)
Slink Heels - Impossible @ Alyce
*I have to say, I LOVE SLINK!*

Freya Tan Skintone - Natural/Berry Brow
Freya Plain Lips - Lush/Dark Lips
Freya Cat Eye Shadow - Mint/Full
Unnatural Eye Colors - Enchanted
*All of Freya and eyes, can be found at Morphine.*

Black Skinny Neko Tail @ Psychotic Neko
*The bow is color changeable by chat menu.  Also, the tail is interactive.*

Neko Ears - Pierced - Black @ Epic
*Twitched or plain pierced..*

Black heart Set @ RealEvil

American Woman - Dark Reds @ Exile

**For past few posts, I have had on the same eyelashes, tattoos, and facial piercing.**

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