Tuesday, February 11, 2014


For some time now I could not figure out how to use the Lola Boobs.  So, with a few L's in my pocket, I headed back down there.  I first looked for a re-delivery terminal, and wasn't successful.  As I was looking around, I discovered the Tango's.  I bought one, went back home, opened my package, attached the boobs, did some editing, brought out a skin applier from Morphine, and I have not wanted to take them off since then.  Now why couldn't I have done this from the start?  Hard tellin' with me.  Anyway, this post is my 100th, hence the title of the post.*small giggle*  There is A LOT of info. about Adoness in this post.  I'm diggin' these items from Adoness.  Hope ya'll enjoy!
Medsy =^.^=

**THRIFT SHOP** @ THE DEPRAVED NATION <~~Click for more info.
Another round of The Thrift Shop has opened their doors on 02/07/2014. The focus of this event is to gather a large variety of designers at one place. Each participating designer has released a brand new item which is discounted up to 50% along with some other previously released products which are also discounted exclusively for this event.

Adoness' Exclusive items:
--Adoness - Philippis - Cappuccino (Fragrance) (Mahogany w/Shaved Glass-Brown Shades Hair-base)
*Choices with Cappuccino are;  Mahogany, Copper, Mocha, and Strawberry.*
*Pitch Black is also available.  Pitch Black has different color options.  Those colors are, Amethyst, Hunter, Maroon, and Midnight.*
--Adoness - Andromeda - Pitch Black (Fragrance) (Maroon w/Shaved Damask - Black Shades Hair-base)  *Cappuccino Colors available.*  Philippis & Andromeda are 50% off, which means $90L's per color pack.
--Adoness - Havila Eyes - Ocean
*Havila Eyes also comes in other colors.  Those are, Amber, Asparagus, electric, Frost, Moss, Smoke, and Topaz.  Havila Eyes include eye layer, mesh eyes with special effects, full bright, glow, and regular.*  Havila Eyes are 50% off, which means $40L's per color.  If you enjoy wearing Adoness' eyes, this is the perfect event for you to buy some.

**WITH LOVE FAIR**   by ~~> WeDo SL Events <~~Click for more info.
The With Love Fair opened on 02/07/2014, and will last until 02/21/2014.  A fashion fair dedicated to feelings, affection and love. A wonderful environment to shop for your loved one for Valentine's Day!

Adoness' Exclusive Items:
With this event we are introducing a brand new line of corsets, Enyo and The Algea. All corsets are discounted!  Enyo and The Algea corsets are $99L's per color.  Now that's a grabin' corset bargin.

**TAINTED LOVE HUNT 2014**  by ~~> WOEFUL WEDNESDAY <~~Click for more info.
The Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt  whose theme is everything but the nice romantic love St. Valentine's Day celebrates; obsessional love, love of pain, loving someone to death, the love of the suicide pact, these are the types of themes this hunt will explore. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted, and talented designers and builders in Second Life, it runs from 02/01 to 02/28/2014.
Adoness - Love Monster Eyes - Sea (Gift)(Mesh included, resize-able, and different glow options)

**JACK OR JILL HUNT** <~~Click for more info.
Jack Or Jill is a Split Path GRID WIDE Hunt that will send hunters down gender appropriate paths in search of specific hunt objects.  The start location is Razor/// Mainstore, a MALE and FEMALE gift will be provided ONLY at this location.  Once you have found the gift at Razor///, the hunt path splits and leads you to 50 stores on each path that will provide gender appropriate gifts, for free.
Adoness is a part of female hunt.
Adoness - Zoria Underbust - Brown (Mesh)

Hint: "Pour me some wine already!"
Lola's -Tango Mirage (Mesh)
Epic - Black Tape Pasties (Tango/Lush)(V.I.P. Gift)
Morphine - Freya Tan Skintone (w/Freckles)
Mandala - Steking Ears (V 4)

Hebenon Vial - Against The Stream (Mesh/Ink)
Sn@tch - Radiance Earrings (Part of The Grand Dutchess Fishing Prize)

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