Wednesday, July 25, 2012


No time like the present to post.  Vanity Fair is opening in a couple of days.  Mirror's Enigma is partaking in the event.  You can read more about Vanity Fair at,

I'd like to introduce to you the latest from Mirror's Enigma.  Her name is Ira.  Ira comes in Pale, Light, and Tan skin tones.  Each skin tone comes in three different bungles.  Those bundles are, base, ray, and Wrath.  Each skin tone also comes with a variation of colors, cleavage, and teeth options.  There are two shapes to choose from, along with three different colored eyes.  An Ira Halter Dress, shown below, comes separately.  The Ira Halter Dress comes in three colors, blue, chocolate, and red.  It is a mesh dress with an optional ruffle collar.  I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan.  It was part of my inspiration for my look.  Hope everyone will have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.  I'll be pretty busy, so won't be able to blog.  Enjoy Vanity Fair!

SHAPE/SKIN:  SHAPE:  [:ME:] Ira Special Shape (Small).  SKIN:  [:ME:] Ira Pale Skintone Vamp w/Cleavage (Wrath Bundle), pictured above.  I am also wearing the eyebrow base as well as the eyes in crimson.

OUTFIT:  [:ME:] Ira's Halter Dress (Blue)

HAIR:  TRUTH Priscilla-Black/White Pack, wearing color Espresso.

ACCESSORIES:  Belt:  The Edge Jeweled.  Earrings/Choker:  Galaxy Girl Set.  All from Sn@tch.

                                          [:ME:] Ira Pale Skintone (Neutral w/ CL)

                                          [:ME:] Ira Pale Skintone (Witch w/ CL)

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The One Voice Fundraiser has come to an end.  But that does not mean we can't continue to support Gala Phoenix of Curio Skins.  If you have anymore questions or need information, please visit  

After a few days of waiting to get to the One Voice Fundraiser, I was able to lag my way around.  I found a couple of things that inspired the look below.  I bought the skin and outfit from One Voice.  The rest I had either got free, a group gift, or bought some time ago.  Please note, I will always be wearing eyelashes from Damned.  If it is different, I'll post it.  I hope you like it.  

SKIN:  -Belleza- Jesse SE SK Cleavage
OUTFIT:  [ SAKIDE ] Letter from Paris Outfit Rose 1
SHAPE:  [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma Gula Special Slim Shape
EYES/EYELASHES:  EYES:  .ID.(Insufferable Dastard) July Group Gift.  EYELASHES:  -DAMNED- My Perfect Eyelashes.
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Lucia - Reds, Sangria
SHOES:  Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Passion.
ACCESSORIES:  NECKLACE/EARRINGS:  (Caroline's Jewelry) Butterflies in Paris.
RING:  (AMD)Apple May Designs - Heart Felt Rings, White.  NAILS:  N-core Manicure.
CIGARETTE:  *ICING* Little Bit of Midnight Cigarette Holder.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I'm a few days late on the latest blog for [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma.  Better late then never, is what I like to say.  The newest release is Lucille V2.  No, its not an upgrade, just another version of Lucille.  Lucille will no longer be available in-world, or on the marketplace.  Lucille V2 comes in light and brown skintones, in a varity of bundles.  The bundles are, base, gloss, and mix.  Lucille has her own special, and a curvy shape, along with eye shadow options that are a tattoo layer, a bald base, and a set of eyes.

When I saw Insanya's group gift, I had to get it.  It is only $113L's to join the group in-world.  It was my inspiration for this look.  I opt out to using the included wings, and added my own.

Here is my look broken down from head to toe.  I hope you enjoy it.

SKIN/SHAPE:  SKIN:  [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma LucilleV2 Light Skintone (Gloss Bundle) w/Apple Eyeshadow.  SHAPE:  [:ME:] Gula Speical Slim Shape.

HAIR:  TRUTH Valeska Streaked w/roots, Pearl.

EYES/EYELASHES:  EYES:  .ID.(Insufferable Dastard) New Species-White, (VIP G.G.(Group Gift).  EYELASHES:  DAMNED-My Perfect Eyelashes

OUTFIT:  :::insanya::: Group - Angel Reborn Outfit.

SHOES:  [PM] Pixel Mode:  Baby T in Snow, G.G.(group gift).

ACCESSORIES:  JEWELRY:  Caroline's Jewelry Carlotta Set in Diamond.  WINGS:  Material Squirrel Sofiel Angel Wings 4.2.1

[:ME:]Mirror's Enigma:
Truth Hair:
.ID.Insufferable Dastard:
[PM]Pixel Mode:
Caroline's Jewelry:
Material Squirrel:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


As many of you know, Seraphim has turned 1!  There is a hunt around the grid just for this event.  It is called, "Seraphim Turns One" Birthday Hunt.  There is a list and pictures of all the items on,  I found this easier for myself to do, because not everyone will have the same taste in the prizes.  You are looking for a little cupcake with one candle, and costs $10L at each store that is participating.  Have fun, and good luck.

The outfit and skin are from the Seraphim Birthday hunt.  This look is what I liked the most.  Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to leave any feedback on any of my posts.

SKIN/SHAPE:  SKIN:   [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma, Desiree Light Skintone.  SHAPE:   [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma, Gula Fair Skintone (Sweet Bundle).

HAIR:  TRUTH, Neve - Black/White Pack.

EYES/EYELASHES:  EYES:  [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma, Naturelle, Dark Blue.  EYELASHES:  DAMNED, My Perfect Eyelashes.

OUTFIT:  SAKIDE, Linen Harem Outfit, Black.

SHOES:  Maitreya Gold, Flip-Flops, Eclipse.

ACCESSORIES:  NECKLACE:  (AMD)Apple May Designs, Enchanted Necklace, Noir.  BRACELETS:  (AMD)Apple May Designs, Fashionista Bangles, Black.  TATTOO:  CoLLisions, Cosmos.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Just a little bit of background.  Shortly after I started SL, I was introduced to the role-playing world.  I entered a sim where I met a lot of wonderful people.  A group of demon's entered the sim, and one of the demon's is Lillith Reanimator.  She wore these very cool tentacles, and was very vile.  As if she was the spawn of Satan herself.  I wasn't sure of her at first, but Lillith and I grew very close.  Lillith, the spawn of Satan, Medow, the carefree Neko.  Who would have thought.  Anyway, when we would see one another, we had "pet" names for each other.  Lillith would call me PusPus, and I would call Lillith, Lillypad.  And the rest is history.

Lillith is the creator of DEMON DESIGNS, which is located on the role-playing sim called, PSYCHO CHAOS.  Psycho Chaos is based on classic horror movies.  Lillith's latest creation is called, Hell Pit Kid's.  There are four in the series.  With each product, you will receive a lifetime of updates.  They are $750L's each, and come in four different type of babies.  Some of the babies even come with their own toys!  The four babies are called, Lillypad, Nailen, Sadie, and Simon.  If you would like any custom made babies, please feel free to contact Lillith Reanimator in-world by a notecard or instant message.  Come check them out!

Words from the creator herself;  "These little monsters are crafted with many hours of hate and dread.  I just couldn't stand those ugly a$$ babies out there, why the hell would you want them?  After weeks of research and looking into this, I set out on my mission. To bring to you.... My little creations of vile and disgust.  Hell Pit Kid!!!"

Now on to what I am wearing...  [:ME:] has out a new group gift for the month of July.  It is free to all of [:ME:]'s group member's.

SKIN/SHAPE:  Skin:  [:ME:] Paris Pale Skintone w/Freckles + Cleavage (July Gift).  Shape:  [:ME:] Gula Special Slim Shape, tweaked.

HAIR:  >TRUTH< Velvet- Black/White Pack-Pearl

EYES/EYELASHES:  Eyes:  .ID. Darkest Browns / Nearly Black.  Eyelashes:  - DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes.

OUTFIT:  Shorts:  :::Sn@tch Skintight Leather Shorts, in Black.  Top:  ...::: Scrub :::... Takes Full Hands Top

BOOTS:  :::Sn@tch Cowboy Boots of Evil:::

ACCESSORIES:  Facial Piercing:  [-iPoke-] Encoded Piercing.  Upper Tattoo:  !::Wicked Tattoos::! - Dark Angel.  Earrings:  :::Sn@tch My Cold Black Heart Jewelry.  Nails:  ...::: Scrub :::... Black Nails.  Belt:  ...:::Scrub:::... Rosary Belt.

The lower tattoo is not for sale.  You won't be able to find it.  It was a personal gift.

Demon Designs:
[:ME:] Mirror's Enigma:
Truth Hair:
Insufferable Dastards:
Wicked Tattoos:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


As most of you may know, its the 4th of July here in the United States.  I put together a look to celebrate the festivities.  Enjoy and Happy Birthday America.

SKIN/SHAPE:  [:ME:] Xiah Beige Skintone (Natural w/CL-Brown Eyebrow)(SYS-Project Release).  [:ME:] Gula Special Curvy Shape-Tweaked-Native Skintone (Runway Bundle).

MAKE-UP/EYES/EYELASHES:  .ID. 4th of July Set- Ensemble/Red Lips 
Eyes 1.  -DAMNED- My Perfect Eyelashes.

HAIR:  >TRUTH< Bunny  w/Roots-reds-cherry.

OUTFIT:  *BOOM* 4th of July 2011/2012, FREEBIE.

SHOES:  [PM] Pixel Mode:  Baby T's - Plain - Blood.

JEWELRY:  EarthStones Mesilla Hoop Earrings - Independence - Group gift.  PRIMALOT 'A Patriotic Heart' group gift necklace.  EarthStones Destiny Engagement Ring Box - Platinum.

NAILS:  *Sexy Mamas* Valentine Manicure - Prim Nails.

TATTOO:  Stars & Butterflies by Sinister Creations

[:Mirror's Enigma:]








*Sexy Mamas*

Monday, July 2, 2012


In RL (real life), I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with the trilogy of "Fifty Shades of Grey."  I went to the local grocery store, and found it!  My local library didn't have it in, nor could i reserve it.  When I started reading it, I. Couldn't. Put. The. Book. Down.!  I was drawn into its "50 shades of fucked up." 

Below is a quote from the book, and since I use this blog for SL (Second Life) blog posts, I wanted to share my rendition from my point of view.

“[Ana] “You’re a sadist?”
“I’m a Dominant.” His eyes are a scorching gray, intense.
“What does that mean?” I whisper.
“It means I want you to willingly surrender yourself to me, in all things.”
I frown at him as I try to assimilate this idea.
“Why would I do that?”
“To please me,” he whispers as he cocks his head to one side, and I see a ghost of a smile.
Please him! He wants me to please him! I think my mouth drops open. Please Christian Grey. And I realize, in that moment, that yes, that’s exactly what I want to do. I want him to be damned delighted with me. It’s a revelation.” 
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey

In my pictures, I am wearing a skin from [: ME :], >Truth< hair, and the nylon ties are from, [DE](Dark Edan) Shibari Black Nylon Set.  I cannot remember any of the details from the photos.  Very sorry about that.  But I just wanted to share my demented mind with everyone.  Enjoy.  If you haven't read the books, and are into erotic romance, pick it up!  What the hell are you waiting for?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Structure Your Skin Project

Starting today, July 1, 2012, SYSP (Structure Your Skin Project) starts a new round.  The SYSP lasts until July 25, 2012.  [: ME :] (Mirror's Enigma) has a new line of skins just for SYSP.  Kayla Skin is for $99L, and has a new Lingerie Set that is included with some of the skins.  The full line of Kayla Skin and Lingerie Set's can be found for sale separately at [: ME :] main store location.  An exclusive pack of Kayla Skin w/Lingerie Set can be bought for $350L, but only at SYSP.

Please visit both locations at...
[: ME :]:

I am wearing...

SKIN/SHAPE:  Skin:  [: ME :] Kayla Light Skintone Blue w/CL.  Shape:  [:ME:] Gula Special Slim Shape Tweaked.

EYES/EYELASHES:  [: ME :] Naturella (s) Gray Eyes.  This came with the new Kayla Skins. 

HAIR:  >TRUTH< Mariposa and Eden Reds-Quince

OUTFIT:  [: ME :] Kayla Lingerie Set in Blue.  There are many different clothing layers to choose from.

SHOES:  [PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T's - Plain - Royal (Non sock version).

ACCESSORIES:  Primalot 'Apatite necklace/earrings.  These were a group gift.

NAILS:  :)(: (PixelFashion) NAILS Collection AA

TATTOOS:  CB(Cherry Bomb) Chinese Love Symbols Tattoo

Mirror's Enigma:
Truth Hair:
Pixel Mode:
Cherry Bomb:

I hope that these links are still in working order.  If not, you are able to use the in world search or look for them on SL Marketplace.  Happy shopping.