Friday, February 14, 2014


~~<~@ Love is in the air thought the Second Life grid.  I hope you all get to spend it with the one you love. Whether, you plan on a romantic night in, candle light dinner, romantic movie, popping that question, "Will you marry me?" or just love the sales this time of year.  Whatever puts you in the mood, be inspired.  This outfit certainly inspired me. @~>~~
=^.^= Medsy  =^.^=

P.S.  In order to wear mesh clothing/attachments, you must have a Second Life viewer in order to wear mesh.
P.S.S.  Also, if you are not a group member of Morphine, it is by invite from a skin purchase.  At Morphine's main location in-world, there is a "Group Invite Skin" available for $75L's.

Lucky Stroke Ciggies - (Dark) @ Virtual/Insanity
Naboo Rings/Claws - (Evil) (Claws Pictured) @ Virtual/Insanity
Cat Eyes - Aquamarine @ EarthStones
Esperanza-Variety (Love Jugs) @ Truth Hair
Against the Stream - Ink (Mesh) @ Hebenon Vial
Starry Night Double Ring - Silver (Mesh) @ Magic Nook or The Dressing Room Fusion 
Neko Ears - Pierced - Black @ Epic
Kittie Whiskers - Saboteur **(Unable to find purchase info.)**
Short Hair Neko Tail @ Lemon Tea
Giraffe Print Tights @ Izzie's 
Busk Valentine Dress - Red @ Sakide
*Comes with hud controlled corset, and Lola's Tango Applier*
**(On sale for $100L's until 02/16/2014)**
Invern Boots - Black @ Sakide
My Cold Black Heart Jewelry Set @ Sn@tch
Jeweled Satin Cuffs @ Sn@tch
Tango Mirage Breasts @ Lola's
Manila Peach Skintone - Nude/Berry Brow @ Morphine 
**(02/2014 Group Gift)**
Freya Cat Eye Shadow/Liner - Pink/Full @ Morphine

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