Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Almost every time I put something pink on, I think of a few things.  The movie Pretty in Pink, the song Pink by Areosmith and the rockstar P!ink. The I will start singing, "Pink is a natural color."  =-.^=  I hope you enjoy this look that I came up with.  I stumbled upon it while looking through my endless inventory.

Attention male bloggers!  Morphine is looking for some male bloggers.  If you are interested, please contact, Ydreece Forster (Owner) or ShazneyValentine Resident (Store Manager).

Freya Tan Skintone (Natural/BerryBrow w/CL) @ Morphine
Heather Indecisive Eyeshadow (Magenta) @ Morphine

Dark Carnie Corset Set - Hot Pink (Partial Mesh) @ Epic
Platform Pumps - Crocodile - Electric Pink (Mesh)
Neko Ears - Pierced - Black
Colorable Whiskers
Corest Neko Tail - (Interactive, Strings Color Changable) @ Psychotic Neko

Jeweled Satin Cuff (Gems Colorable) @ Sn@tch
Illyria Eyes - Feline (Pink)

Attitude Collar - Black (w/Hud) @ Sakide

Tango's - Mirage @ Lola's

Jordan - Reds - Blood (Changeable Streaked) @ Truth Hair

Unisex Steking Ears (w/Hud - Mesh) @ Mandala

Against Teh Stream - Ink (Mesh) @ Hebenon Vial

Lucky Stroke Ciggie - Darkish Goth @ Virtual/Insanity

Cherry Star Tattoo - @ Endless Pain Tattoos

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