Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Insanya @ The Project Limited

The Project Limited is almost to an end.  It will close on July 31, and many designers only have limited copies of exclusives during this event.  I am late in the game blogging for Insanya, but just look at this beautiful mask that is just waiting for you to snag up.  This new mask is all HUD controlled, and very easy to adjust to fit your face.

*A color changeable mask with lace or without lace trim, as well as different color gems to choose from.  Hurry while supplies last.  The Project Limited is only lasting until July 31.*
Ducknipple - Panhang Mesh Top - New Release
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone (Natural/Black Brow) @ The Aloha Fair
Morphine - Trinity Eyes - Blind
Slink - Physique Mesh Body
Truth Hair - Sierra - Raven (Black & Whites)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Morphine @ The Aloha Fair 2014

The Aloha Fair 2014 begins today.  I am unsure of what time, but the fair will run from July 28 - August 11.  Please click on the link above for more information.

Morphine : Jade Medium Skintone (Bundle) Only @ The Aloha Fair
  *Jade Medium Skintone (Natural/Black Brow w/Cleavage)
  *Trinity Eyes - Hazel
  *Bald Hair/Eyebrow Shape
  *Jade Special Shape (Mesh Sizes XS)
**Bundles come with five different styles of make-up and brow colors.
Also, included with the bundles, two different eye colors, a shape, Lush, and Lola breast appliers, as well as Phat Azz Applier.  The Slink Physique Mesh Figure Applier is sold separately.**
Ducknipple - Bami Top (Mesh) ~ New Release
*Comes with a HUD to change the top's color.*
Ducknipple - Viki Shorts (Mesh)
*Comes with a HUD to change colors.*
Slink - Physique Mesh Figure & Casual Mesh Hands
Truth Hair - Sierra (w/Roots) - Black & Whites
*I am wearing the Raven color.*
Haus of Darcy - Fast Hardbeat(Face) & Thrust Piercings(Pelvis)
Mandala - Okaki Bracelet Set (Black)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello My Name Is...

Me:  Hello my name is Medow, and I'm a shoe whore.

Group:  HI!  MEDOW!!!

Me:  I just cannot get enough of these Ducknipple SLink High Heels!  What should I do to control myself?These urges are just unbearable.  So... I give in to the unmistakable temptation, and slip on the high heels. They fit like a glove.  These high heels even don't hurt my feet while I shop for more heels.

Group Moderator:  Thank you Medow for sharing your recent addiction temptation.  I think I need to run down to Ducknipple and get me a pair of those adorable shoes.

Ducknipple - Jose SLink High Heels
SLink - Feet (Mesh) High

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh So Hot!

Let me tell ya, its flippin hot out in my neck of the woods.  Check out this cute bikini from 20.FIVE.  It even comes with a HUD to change the color.  A perfect item for your summer wardrobe.  Enjoy!
Medsy =^.^=

20.FIVE - Mesh Bikini
*Comes with a controlled color hud.*
Morphine - Nadine Tan Skintone (Natural/Brown Brow)
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Iced
Izzie's - Smart Chick Sunglasses
Truth Hair - Blythe - Variety
Pollen - Forget-Me-Not Flower Pin
Letis Tattoo - Music Butterflies
SLink - Hands (Casual)
Mandala - Taper Ears
Mandala - Kamayara Dog Tag Necklace - Sliver
Apple May Design - Fashionista Bangles - Silver
Haus of Darcy - Fast hardbeat & Thrust Hip Dermals

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey all you jean wearer's!  This ensemble is just as cute as it is casual.  20.FIVE has a skinny jean with a HUD to change the color of the denim.  They also have this adorable cami top that works perfect to add just enough cuteness to your look.  The cami top also comes in a variety of colors with a HUD to control them. Enjoy!
Medsy  =^.^=

20.FIVE Mesh - Cami Top @ 20.Five
*Come with a color controlled hud.*
20.FIVE Mesh - Skinny Jeans @ 20.Five
*Come with a color controlled hud.*
Morphine - Beatrix Tan skintone (Blight/Black Brow) @ Morphine
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Iced @ Morphine
Truth Hair - Harley - Variety @ Truth Hair
Mandala - Taper Ears @ Mandala
SLink - Hands (Casual) @ SLink
RealEvil - Black Heart Set @ RealEvil


Ducknipple has come out with yet another sexy as hell heel for your SLink High Feet.  Well, I think they are. These heels are a must have for all you shoe whores of SL.  Ducknipple's DiDi SLink High heels are out now.

Ducknipple - DiDi Heels @ Ducknipple
*Will only fit SLink High Feet.  Come with a color controlling Hud for more color options.*

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oh My Bondage!!!

Hey all you lil BDSM folks, this post is for you!  Ducknipple has a new release of a mesh top called, Katta.  Pure sex appeal, bondage type of top.  I paired Katta with a previous release from Ducknipple, the Ernie Leggins.  Both Katta and Krnie Leggins come with assortment of colors through a color changing hud. All kinds of combo's one can come up with.  Enjoy!
Medsy =^.^=

Ducknipple - Katta Top (Mesh) ~ New Release @ Ducknipple
*Comes with color changing hud.*
Ducknipple - Ernie Leggins (Mesh) ~ Previous Release @ Ducknipple
*These leggins are made to fit with your SLink Mesh High Feet.  There is also a color changing hud.*
Morphine - Beatrix Tan Skintone - Blight w/Black Brow @ Morphine
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Iced @ Morphine
Truth Hair - Harlet - Variety @ Truth Hair
SLink - Hands (Casual) & Feet (High) (Both Mesh) @ SLink
Mandala - Taper Ears (Mesh) @ Mandala
RealEvil - Black Heart Set @ RealEvil

Feeling Like Lady Gaga

I have to say, the new Zurich Dress from Ducknipple made me feel just like Lady Gaga.  For a duration, I kept singing, "Poker Face" around the house.
Along with the new Zurich Dress, Ducknipple has a new SLINK HIGH MariSnol Wedge heels.  The MariSnol Wedge Heels have this zipper up the heel, as well as some chain detail on top of the foot.  Of course the new dress and heels are mesh and you'll need a Second Life viewer to wear these awesome new releases from Ducknipple.

OH!  By the way, the MariSnol Wedge Heels has inspired me to create a new FLICKR GROUP for just us shoe whores of SL.  Thank you for viewing my post.
Medsy =^.^=

Ducknipple - Zurich Dress w/Hud (Mesh) ~ New Release @ Ducknipple
*A variety of colors to choose from with the hud.*
Ducknipple - MariSnol Wedges w/Hud (Mesh) ~ New Release @ Ducknipple
*These wedges come with a color changing hud, and fit only SLink High Mesh Feet.*
Morphine - Kami Tan Skintone - Blight/Black Brow w/Cleavage @ Morphine
Morphine -Infinity Eyes - Iced @ Morphine
Truth Hair - Alessandra -Espresso w/Roots - Black & Whites @ Truth Hair
Truth Hair - Hairbase - Espresso @ Truth Hair
RealEvil - Lux Eclat Set (Bracelets Showing) @ RealEvil
SLink - Hands (Casual) & Feet (High) (Mesh) @ SLink

Saturday, July 19, 2014


This month's theme at Genre is Baroque.  What is Baroque you ask?
  1. 1.
    relating to or denoting a style of European architecture, music, and art of the 17th and 18th centuries that followed mannerism and is characterized by ornate detail. In architecture the period is exemplified by the palace of Versailles and by the work of Bernini in Italy. Major composers include Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel; Caravaggio and Rubens are important baroque artists.

Adoness is taking in part of this month's theme at Genre.  The special classic corset is very elegant, beautiful, and even sexy.  It comes in the color of sky.  A very nice blue that you can collaborate with.  I made my look simple, but elegant, as if I were to go out with my gal pal's to a nice hot spot for drinks and dancing.  I hope you get a chance to head down to Genre and check it out.
=^.^= Meds

Adoness - Florence Corset - Sky @ The Genre - Baroque
Adoness - Slink Nails - Marie Antoinette
Leri Miles Design - Classic Slacks - Midnight
Morphine - Kami Tan Skintone - Blight/Black Brow w/Cleavage
*Using Morphine's I2W Special Shape (XS)*
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Iced
Truth Hair - Alessandra - Espresso w/Roots (Black-Whites)
Truth Hair - Hairbase - Espresso
SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual
EarthStones - Butterfly Neclace/Earrings - Whisper
RealEvil - Lux Eclat Set - Bracelets

Embody F FLIRT

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leri Miles Design @ My Attic

Leri Miles Designs is at My Attic's current round.  LMD is offering a simple, but very summer type of dress. This dress is called Loren.  Of course Loren comes in the standard mesh sizes, and also comes with a fitted mesh size.  There are several colors to choose from, and only for $95L's.
Why not pick up a couple for your summer wardrobe?  At $95L's, can't go wrong.

Leri Miles Design - Loren Dress - Monochromatic (Wearing Fitted Mesh) @ My Attic
Leri Miles Design - Beth Slink High Heels - Onyx
Morphine - Katrina Tan Skintone - Natural/Brown Brow
Insufferable Dastards - Natural Eyes - Spring (VIP Pack 7/15/2014)
SLink - Physique Mesh Body, Mesh Feet (High), & Mesh Hands (Casual)
**For the skintone of the mesh body, I am using Morphine's 4WS SLink applier.**
Truth Hair - Gretchen - Gingers
iPoke - Vitamin (Facial Piercing)
RealEvil - Lux Eclat Set

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Why the Hair Fair?  Each participating designer has a new release out and is donating a certain percentage of each sale to Wigs for Kids, an American foundation which provides hair replacement systems for kids suffering from diseases that cause hair loss. You can read more about it on the official Hair Fair '14 blog and Wigs for Kids website.

You can visit Adoness at the Hair Fair '14 at this ~~>LOCATION!<~~

Pic #1
*Adoness - Areto - Coffee
**Areto - Brown Shades - Hairbase (Tattoo Layer)

Pic #2
*Adoness - Alcippe - Pitch Black
**Alcippe - Black Shades - Hairbase (Tattoo Layer)

Pic #3
*Adoness - Bremusa - Champagne
**Bremusa - Blonde Shades 1 (Tattoo Layer)

Pic #4
*Adoness - Asteria - Plumify *Hair Fair Gift*
**Shave - Bloom - Plumify (Tattoo Layer)

In Each picture I am wearing the following...
*Morphine - FreyaV2 - Tan Skintone - Smoky/Brown Brow
  **Ghail Belted Dress - Red
  **Ghail Accessory - Engraved Silver (Past Rare Gatcha Item)
*SLink - Physique Mesh Body
*Letis Tattoo - Inermis Little - SLink Physique Hud
*Mandala - Kyara Bangle Set (B, C, & D Bangles) @ Collabor88

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Morphine @ Fresh Style

Morphine is at The Fresh Style this round.  Nadine Peach Skintone in Blush is what I have one in this photo.
I am also wearing the new SLink Physique Applier.  Which I just love.  I don't want to take it off, EVER!
Its just so nice to have smooth lines of the body, but it is in mesh.  Need a mesh compatible SL viewer to
be able to wear the SLink Physique.

*Morphine : Nadine Peach Skintone (Blush/BlackBrow) @ Fresh Style
*Morphine : Ghail's Accessory - Engraved Silver (Past Rare Gatcha Item)
*Morphine : Kami Latex Clothes - Black
*Morphine : 3WS SLink Physique Appliers
**The 3WS SLink Physique applier is now available at Morphine and is FREE for its first day.
Visit the Group/Wee Room to get it for free (only today) to group members. 100% Auto-refund from its regular price of 150L$.
Skins under 3WS:
Luisa, Sapphire, Stella, Kami, Heather, FreyaV2, Beatrix, Carol, Nadine, Lauren and Rowena.**
Scrub Factory - Alice's Chains - Silver (Face chains)
Letis Tattoo : Inermis Little : Slink Physique HUD
Magika [03] Shimmer
Arise - Angle Facial Piercing

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Leri Miles Designs & The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair

Leri Miles Designs is part of a fair called the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.  The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair will end on July 21st.  There are three exclusive new designs for the fair, and they all fit well together to make an outfit.  The blouse and capris are on a big discount for only $75L's each.  Now the heels alone are at a bargain price of $150L's, and they are for the SLink Mid Mesh Feet.

I have to say, I really love wearing SLink's mesh head Emma, but there are a couple of things that I am not too fond of about it.  Its within the eyes.  If the eyes look to the left or right too much, you can see a white "gap."  As in the eye lids opening are too wide.  Another one is, when looking straight ahead, the eyes almost look cross eyed.  With that being said, I do enjoy SLink's mesh head Emma.

Leri Miles Designs Frances Blouse - Split Tone - Eggplant 
Leri Miles Designs Mallory Heels for Slink Mid - Eggplant 
Leri Miles Designs My Capris - Onyx 
SLink - Physique Body, Visage Head (Emma), Mid Feet, Casual Hands (All Mesh)
**The SLink skin applier is from Morphine.  You can find the SLink skin applier @
Letis Tattoo - Inermis Little - Slink Physique HUD
SLX - Starred Outfit (Cuffs only from the outfit Starred)
Haus of Darcy - Mercenary (Female) Set & Fast Hardbeat
EarthStones - Gem Eyes - Aquamarine
Truth Hair - Blythe - Variety

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Little Something @ The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair

The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair is under way.  Pictured below are a just a couple of things from there. Enjoy!

Fashionlicious - Glamour Shoes - Red/Black (For Slink High Feet) @ The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair
Morphine : Fujin Tan Skintone (Natural & Blush) @ The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair
Morphine : Trinity : Hazel Eyes
Morphine: M2W Special Shape (Mesh XS)
 *The Special Shape and Eyes are sold with Fujin Tan Skintone.*
Morphine : Fujin Basic Clothing I (w/ SLink Appliers) @ The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair
Slink - Physique Mesh Body
 *The Morphine applier for Fujin Tan Skintone is sold separately
   at the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.*
Slink - Mesh Hands (Casual) & Mesh Feet (High)
Truth Hair - Blythe - Variety
RealEvil - Lux Eclat Set (Necklace/Bracelets shown)

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here are a few more things that you can get at The Manga Fair.  I have to say, this fair is full of all Manga related items that are just too peckin' cute.  I hope you have a thrilling shopping experience at this fair.  Just remember, The Manga Fair doesn't end until July 30.  There is still lots of time to shop.  Happy shopping!

Morphine : Fujin Ivory Skintone (Natural & Blush) @ The Manga Fair
Modest - Sugar Sandals - Pink Sugar @ The Manga Fair
*Fist SLink Flat Feet.*
Panik - The Kawaii Eyes Wings - Rose @ The Manga Fair
Forever Young - Thigh Corsets - Teal/Purple (Mismatched Pastels) 
Forever Young - Cutie Patootie Giraffes - White Rainbow (Rare Gacha) 
Geek - Wolf Princess Mask - Red/Cream @ The Manga Fair
*I had a bit of trouble trying to fit the "wolf" piece, so I did not show it.*
Lolita - 54 Silver Bikini Top/Hentai Short - Pink @ The Manga Fair
Pomposity - Long Anime/Manga Necklace - Manga Geek @ The Manga Fair
SLink - Mesh Hands (Casual) & Mesh Feet Flat
Truth Hair - Blythe - Variety

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Candy Events is proud to present, The Manga Fair 2014.  This fair runs from July 1 to July 30.  A full month of Manga related themed items.  For more information CLICK HERE. Happy shopping!

MumuHime - Tokyo Lolita Dress - Dark Punk @ The Manga Fair
MumuHime - Chain Lady Heels (Tokyo Lolita Dark) @ The Manga Fair
Arise - Manga Ears - Black/Gold @ The Manga Fair
Arise - Angle Piercing @ Arise
Blossom - Accessory Bow - G @ The Manga Fair
Morphine - Fujin Ivory Skintone @ The Manga Fair 
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Light Green
Morphine - Slink Physique Mesh Figure - Applier @ The Manga Fair
Morphine - Slink Visage Head - Applier @ The Manga Fair
*The Slink appliers for the Visage Head and Physique Figure are sold separately.*
Slink - Physique Figure, Visage Head (Emma), Casual Hands, & High Feet (All Mesh)
Truth Hair - Rocky - Black & Whites
Poseway - Manga Fair - Lizz & Raising @ The Manga Fair