Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween I wasn't too sure what I wanted to be.  As I was scrolling through my never ending inventory, I came across an ensemble that jumped out at me.  Then I paired it up with a new release for the Sad November Fair that starts on the 1st.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Medsy =^.^=
[RunAway] - Penny Hair - Blacks - New Release @ Sad November Fair
*Sad November does not start until November 1st to 22nd.*
Vestigium - God's Power Leg Tattoo - New Release
Vestigium - Lady Muerta Arm Tattoo
*This tattoo has been updated with SLink Applier.*
Envious - Draculaura
*This outfit includes the skirt, top w/wings and mask,
heels for SLink High Feet, and left and right bracelets.*
SLink - Physique Body V1.4 & High Feet
Mandala - Stretched Ears
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Smokey/Black Brow

I've Been Sn@tched

Sn@tch - Special Pussycat Headband - New Release
*Comes with a HUD to change colors on the ears.*
Sn@tch - Erotica Leather Dress
*One of the Riot Vendor's.*
Sn@tch - Shailene Leather Booties - New Release
*Comes with a HUD to change color of the leather.*
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience - Taupe
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Patience Makeup 02
Vestigium - Doodles -New Release
Mandala - Stretched Ears
SLink - Casual Hands, High Feet & Physique Body
RealEvil - Halloween Bracelet - Group Gift
Truth Hair - Bijou - Black/Whites

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Princess Medow

I so love fairytale type of dresses.  When I saw this one, I was put in mind of Cinderella.  It is very elegant yet stylish.
Bubblez Style - Fairy Princess Gown - Only @ SL Marketplace
*Comes with the crown, necklace and wrist cuffs.
Only available on the Marketplace.*
Morphine - Freya V2 Tan Skintone - Blight/Dark Brows
Mandala - Steking Ears V3 - Unisex
Truth Hair - Bijou 2 - Black/Whites

Almost Royal

Sn@tch - Rhea Bodycon Dress - Red - New Release
Sn@tch - Jeweled Bindi - Tattoo Layer - Red -New Release
Sn@tch - Lush Velvet Lipsticks - Red - New Release
!nfinity - Deadly Crown V3 - Rare @ The Halloween Fair
*!nfinity has a new location, so make sure you update your
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body
Morphine - Freya V2 Tan Skintone - Natural/Dark Brow
Mandala - Steking Ears V3 - Unisex
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry - Sister Catrina Muertos - Silver/Large @ Collabor88
Truth Hair - Feronia - Black/Whites

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Purple Passion With Sn@tch

Are you tired of your ankle's being all bent out of shape?  I keep mine nice and straight by using a "boot fixer."  It is rather cheap in price, only $50 L's to keep your ankle's nice and straight.
Sn@tch - Zoella Wrap Skirt - Purple - (Mesh) New Release
Sn@tch - Shailene Leather Booties - (Mesh) New Release
*For SLink High Feet only.  Comes with a HUD to change color or texture.*
Sn@tch - Lush Velvet Lipsticks - Cherry - New Release
Sn@tch - Galea Lace Tee - Purple
Sn@tch - Micah metal Cuffs (Mesh)
*Comes with a HUD to change color/texture.*
Morphine - FreyaV2 Tan Skintone - Natural/Dark Brows
SLink - Physique Body & High Feet (Mesh)
Mandala - Steking Ears V3 (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Demelza - Black/Whites (Mesh)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

!nfinity @ The Halloween Fair

!nfinity - I Killed My Ex Dress (Mesh) - Animal Print @ The Halloween Fair
*More prints available at the fair.*
!nfinity - Twilight Ring V8 @ The Halloween Fair
*This is a gacha prize.*
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone Bundle
*I'm wearing the Blight w/Brown Brows.*
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Light Green (Coming Soon)
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body V1.4
Mandala - Steking Ears V3
Vestigium - Polynesian Leg Tattoo
*Now has the SLink Body Applier*
Vestigium - Skull War Tattoo
*Now has the Slink Body Applier.*
Truth Hair - Demelza - Black/Whites
*When I put on the hair, the color showing 
is what was on view.*
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry - Sister Catrina Muertos - Silver

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Look Good In Sn@tch

Sn@tch - Cordy Mixed Mesh Outfit
Sn@tch - Burning Love Jewelry Set
*Wearing just the ring from the set.*
Sn@tch - Dirty Biker Cuffs - Black
Lineralrise Design - Princess Heels - Silver/Black
*For SLink High Feet only.*
SLink - Casual Hands & High Feet
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry - Sister Catrina Muertos - Rings & Earrings @ Collabor88
*Wearing the Large Silver ring.*
Mandala - Steking Ears V3 - Unisex
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Skye/Black Brow
Identity Body Shop - Fallen Masks - Fresh @ Suicide Dollz
Truth Hair - Amarais - Variety
PerveTTe - My Dear Fairy
*Wearing foot tattoo for SLink Feet.*