Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Doesn't Hurt To Be In Green

Sn@tch - Paris Striped Jersey Tees - Green (Mesh)
*You can get this item in the current riot vendors.*
Sn@tch - Bella Stomper Suede Boots - (Mesh) New Release
*Comes with a color changing HUD.*
Sn@tch - Gigi Cord Skirts - Army (Mesh)
*Comes in several colors to choose from in each mesh size.*
Sn@tch - Hunter Thigh High Socks - UPDATED
*These socks have been updated with the body appliers.
Many different colors to pick from.*
Belleza - Venus Body V.02 (Mesh)
*I am wearing the SLink Hands/Feet fit.*
WoW Skins - Lolita - Darktan - 02
Exile Hair - American Woman - Blacks (Mesh)
*I am wearing the Sin color from the blacks pack.*
Ikon - Horizon Eyes V2 - Pale Leaf
SLink - Casual Hands (Mesh)
RealEvil - Revox Alegoria Bracelets (Mesh)
*Comes with a HUD to change colors.*
RealEvil - Revox Blood Heart Necklace (Mesh)
*Comes with a HUD to change colors and to change engraving.*

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Release @ Ducknipple

You have got to at least try on the new top from Ducknipple.  I am in love with it!  I don't want to even take it off!  The look of leather, and with all the stud work, and the way that the breast part just hugs your girls in.  You can even change the color of the side panels too with the click of a HUD.  Now the new shoes, I just love the way that the straps have studs, which by the way, goes well with the new top.  Of course you can change the color of the shoes with a simple click from the HUD.  But, you need the SLink High Feet in order to wear these new shoes.

Ducknipple - Luna Top w/HUD (Mesh) - NEW RELEASE
Ducknipple - Chen Heels w/HUD (Mesh) - NEW RELEASE
20.Five - Skinny Jeans (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Aida - Variety (Mesh)
WoW Skins - Jayma - Darktan @ Designer Circle
SLink - Casual Hands, High Feet & Physique Body V1.4 (Mesh)
Mandala - Taper Ears (Mesh)
Mandala - Onliest Necklace (Mesh)
Insufferable Dastard - Stone Eyes - Aqua - NEW RELEASE
RealEvil - Revox Alegoria Bracelets (Mesh)

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I just love this new sweater from Sn@tch.  With the weather starting to get cold, one just wants to put on an over-sized sweater to keep warm.  Just the detailed texture just adds to it.  The richness of this color navy makes me want to make blue my favorite color, well almost.  I decided to pair up the sweater with the garter socks that have been updated with body appliers.  Let's not forget the ankle boots.  Rich suede texture is just divine.

Sn@tch - November Sweater Darks - Navy (Mesh) - New Release
*These sweaters come in several dark colors to choose from.*
Sn@tch - Bella Stomper Suede Boots (Mesh) - New Release
*Comes with a HUD to change colors.*
Sn@tch - Ribbed Garter Socks - Updated
*On sale this week.  Have been updated with
body appliers.*
Sn@tch - Special Pussycat Headband (Mesh)
*Comes with a HUD to change colors.*
Sn@tch - Starbound Jewelry Set (Mesh)
*Only wearing the necklace, but does
come with earrings.*
Belleza - Venus Body V.02 (Mesh)
*I am wearing the SLink Hands/Feet fit body.*
WoW Skins - Alena - Darktan - 03
*I am also wearing the black eyebrows
that comes with the skin.*
WoW Skins - Aisha Shape w/Brow base
Ikon - Horizon Eyes V2 - Pale Leaf
Truth Hair - Demelza - Black/Whites (Mesh)
SLink - Casual Hands (Mesh)
Mandala - Taper Ears - Size A 1 (Mesh)
Maxi Gossamer Jewellery - Sister Catrina Muertos (Mesh)
*Wearing the Large/Silver ring for right hand.*

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WoW Skins @ Suicide Dollz

In my part of the world, it has had some snow fall.  A couple of days ago there were 6" of that nasty white stuff on the ground, and it is still AUTUMN!  Which brings me to the look below.  For some reason it reminds me of Winter.

WoW Skins - Julya - Dark-Tan @ Suicide Dollz
*Available at the current round.*
WoW Skins - Aisha Shape w/Brow Base
Ikon - Horizon Eyes V2 - Pale Leaf
Truth Hair - Amaris - Variety (Mesh)
SLink - Physique Body V1.4 (Mesh)
RealEvil - Lux Snowflake Necklace (Mesh)
Mandala - Taper Ears - Size A-1 (Mesh)
Sn@tch - Rhea Bodycon Dress - Blue (Mesh)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adoness & [ bubble ]

[ bubble ] - Hipster Sweaters - Skull @ Suicide Dollz
*This sweater is at the current round of Suicide Dollz.*
Adoness - Ragnarok - Pitch Black @ Genre // Post Apoc
*You can get Ragnarok hair by Adoness at current round 
of Genre.*
Insanya - Stars Tattoo
*SLink body applier used.*
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Smokey/Black Brow
Absolut Vendetta - Jean Shorts - Fitted Mesh - SLink
Mandala - Steking Ears V3
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body V1.4

Monday, November 17, 2014

Preview of 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Feeb's Christmas Market

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Noella V2 @ Feeb's Christmas Market (Preview)
*This is a preview of Noella V2.  The Christmas Market
opening will be announced shortly.
Insufferable Dastard - Shine Eyes - Soft - Sky
Truth Hair - Amaris - Variety (Mesh)
Mandala - Steking Ears (Mesh)
Corvus - Red Nia Dress (Mesh)
RealEvil - Lux Pearl Drop Necklace (Mesh)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sexy Cooperate

Ducknipple - Danny Outfit - Mesh
*This outfit comes with a HUD to color
control the jacket, shirt, and tie.*
20.Five - Lina Skirt - Mesh
*Comes with a HUD to color
control the skirt.*
20.Five - Helga Heels - Mesh
*Comes with a HUD to color
control the heels.  These heels
are for SLink High feet.*
WoW Skins - Alena Bronze - 02
Adoness - Freya - Coffee - Mesh @ The Thrift Shop 7.0
Adoness - Shaved Damask - Brown Shades - Tattoo Layer
Mandala - Taper Ears - Size 3
SLink - High Feet - Mesh
Vestigium - Gods Power