Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Comics Fair 2014 will start at 8 PM SLT.  It will run until April 30.  Its all about fashion related to Comics.  If you would like more information, please click here.  Once again, The Comic Fair will run from April 15th to April 30th.

This outfit gives a whole new meaning to "Bat Girl" if you ask me.  I hope you all are getting down to the Comic Fair.
* Morphine : Sangreia Void Skintone (Pack) (Smoky wBrow+Cleavage) @ The Comics Fair
   Morphine - N2W Special Shape (Mesh size XS)
   Morphine - Unnatural Eyes - Blind (Storm)
*Comes with all the standard appliers, Lola's, Lush, Phat/Cute Azz, and Slink hands/feet.  The skin bundle does have 3 different "make-up" options.* 
Envious - Bat Crazy @ The Comic Fair
*The outfit contains arm bands, mask, boots, stockings, posture collar, mesh dress, and bracelets.*
Slink Mesh Hands - Casual
Truth Hair - Esperanza - Variety

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today a new fair is opening.  The Comics Fair 2014 will start at 8 PM SLT.  It will run until April 30.  Its all about fashion related to Comics.  If you would like more information, please click here.  Once again, The Comic Fair will run from April 15th to April 30th.  The sim will open at 8 PM SLT to the public.

Morphine : Sangreia Native Skintone (Pack) @ The Comics Fair
Morphine : Sangreia Native Skintone (Despair w/ Brow+CL)
 *Comes with Trinity Eyes in Stained, Bald/Eyebrow Shape, and N2W Special Shape in XS.  Along with all the standard appliers, Lola's, Lush, Phat/Cute Azz, and Slink hands/feet.  The skin bundle does have 3 different "make-up" options.* 
Dark Passions - Super Villain Outfit(Mesh) & Koffin Nails Halftone in Havoc(Gift) @ The Comics Fair
Death Row Designs - Worn Combat Boots
Izzie's - Patterned Tights - Chess
Slink Hands - Casual
PixelFashion - Eve Temptation Set
Truth Hiar - January - Black/White - Crow

Friday, April 11, 2014


The 100 Block by Depraved Nation
After humongous success in 2013 The 100 Block is back again in 2014. This is a full sim fashion fair where designers display a creative fusion between fashion, music and art.  Organizers also host a photo contest which will run simultaneously with the event. With your photography skills and creativity you can win wonderful prizes from your favorite designers who sponsor this contest.  Please click *HERE* for more information.

Adoness - Anaxilea - Naturally (Shown Pitch Black) @ The 100 Block Fair
**New Release Exclusive at a reduced price of 50% off.**
- Regular color packs: $90L's 
- Natural color pack: $125L's
- Fatpack: $425L's
Adoness - Ornament Shaved Hair Tattoo (Black Shades Shown) @ The 100 Block Fair
**The shaved head, tattoo layers, bases are now available separately for $50L's.**
* Morphine : Kami Bikini (Blue) 
* Morphine : Kami Short Jacket (Blue)
* Morphine : Over Knee Boots (Blue)
* Morphine: Kami Latex Skirt (Blue)
*New Exclusive Release @ The 100 Block Fair.*
* Morphine : Vivid Nail Color for Slink Hands
* Morphine : FreyaV2 Tan Skintone (Bundle)(Smoky/Dark Brow/w Cleavage) @ The Krave Urban Fair
* Morphine : Trinity : Blind Eyes (Come With Freya V2)
Slink - Mesh Hands - Casual
Mandala - Taper Ears & Kamayara Dogtag Necklace - Silver
Wicked Tattoos - Dark Angel

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The Co-Op is proud to present it's very first event -- Eden Rising -- April 7th - 21st. Celebrate the Conquest of Spring with this two week event, featuring new and exclusive releases from top SL Designers.
I just love this little number from Leri Miles Designs.  There are more then just yellow to choose from.

Leri Miles Designs - Margo Dress Yellow Floral @ Eden Rising
*I am not sure the price of this dress, but I am sure it is on sale.  ;-)  *
Morphine : Katrina Tan Skintone (Shrouded)(Natural/Black) @ The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Morphine - Trinity Eyes - Hazel (Comes with Katrina Skins)
LeLutka - Serena Hair - Naturals
Addiction Jewelry - Antique Blossom - Pearl

Monday, April 7, 2014


Wicked Elite Event Opened their doors on April 5th.  A themed month long event.  This month theme is disaster.  Check it out.


Salt - Latex Corset - Coal @ The Wicked Elite Event
Bad - Camo Booty Shorts @ The Wicked Elite Event
Static -Disaster Stockings - Black @ The Wicked Elite Event
*The Top is Lola's friendly.  The shorts are Phat Azz friendly along with the stockings.*
Morphine : FreyaV2 Tan Skintone (bundle)(Preckled/Berry) @ The Krave Inc. Urban Fair
Morphine : Trinity : Enchant Eyes (Comes with Freya)
RealEvil - Lux Eclat Set (Showing necklace, & bracelets)
Miss Canning - Carmen Heels - Black
**These heels will only work with Slink Feet High.  There are 8 colors to choose from.** - Cute Azz (Mesh)
Slink - Casual Hands & High Feet (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Rowan - Variety

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Welcome my dear readers.  Some of you already know that I have been dealing with that damn "C" word, yes, cancer.  Over a year ago had to have my thyroid removed, and undergo a radioactive iodine treatment.
Luckly I get another treatment next week.  Well, the song "Radioactive" is my theme song.  Meh, so I relate to music a lot.  But this is my version of Radioactive.  Enjoy!


Morphine : FreyaV2 Tan Skintone (Bundle)(Dread/Berry) @ The Krave Urban Fair
Morphine : Cursed Elemental Eyes (Crimson) *NO LONGER AVAIABLE*
Morphine : I2W Special Shape (XS) (Comes with Freya V2)
Sakide - Urban Radioactive Outfit (w/Hud & Tango Appler)
Sn@tch - Jeweled Satin Cuffs
Death Row Designs - Worn Combat Boots (Black)
EarthStones - Destiny Bridal Set (Platinum)
Mandala Taper Ears (Females)
Slink Mesh Hands (Casual)
ZoZ - Disaster Silver Poloish (Slinks) @ Wicked Elite Event (Opens April 5th)
Lola's - Tango's
Repulse - Contagion Stomach Wound & Clawed Eye Face
Haus of Darcy - Fast Hardbeat & Thrust Hip Dermals (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Lagertha - Variety - New Release

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Krave Inc. Presents 
FreeStyle-The Urban Fair

Krave INC, is the new sales event promotion brought to you by Delirium Style and Sanctuary Inc. We will be running numerous events through out the year. Always going to bring some fun and style.
OPENS - April 1st
ENDS - April 30th

Morphine : FreyaV2 Tan Skintone (Dainty/Dark) @ The Krave Urban Fair
Morphine : Ghail's Natural Lips (Glow Darker)
Morphine : Trinity : Blind Eyes (Included with Freya)
Morphine : I2W Shape (XS) (Included with Freya)
*10 skin variations with each style, shape, eyes, and skin appliers* 
Skin Pack: $495L's
Skin Bundle: $2,350
Endless Pain Tattoo's - Lady Bird
Slink - Mesh Hands (Casual) & Medium Feet
[L.Warwick] Ibis -Platform Heels- Noir
*Compatible with Slink Medium Feet.*
Mandala - Taper Ears
Ducknipple - Apoc Hoodie - w/Hud & Tied Leggins - w/Hud (Both Mesh)
The Hebenon Vial - Alice - Metal (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Aurora - Crow (Black & Whites)
Kennedy's "Bitch Ring"
Embody FP GAIA 5