Thursday, October 23, 2014

Look Good In Sn@tch

Sn@tch - Cordy Mixed Mesh Outfit
Sn@tch - Burning Love Jewelry Set
*Wearing just the ring from the set.*
Sn@tch - Dirty Biker Cuffs - Black
Lineralrise Design - Princess Heels - Silver/Black
*For SLink High Feet only.*
SLink - Casual Hands & High Feet
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry - Sister Catrina Muertos - Rings & Earrings @ Collabor88
*Wearing the Large Silver ring.*
Mandala - Steking Ears V3 - Unisex
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Skye/Black Brow
Identity Body Shop - Fallen Masks - Fresh @ Suicide Dollz
Truth Hair - Amarais - Variety
PerveTTe - My Dear Fairy
*Wearing foot tattoo for SLink Feet.*

Sexy Lil' Alice

Envious - Lil' Alice
*Outfit includes, dress, shoes, collar, and shoulder armor.*
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Skye/Black Brow
Truth Hair - Amaris - Variety
Mandala - Steking Ears V3
SLink - Casual Hands & High Feet

Leri Miles Designs @ Sneak Peek Round 1

Leri Miles Designs - Janieke Gown - Scarlet @ Sneak Peek Round 1
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Smoky/Black Brow
Truth Hair - Rocky - Black/White's
Vestigium - Fae Dream II - ONLY @ Tales of Fantasy
Mandala - Unisex Simple Ears
RealEvil - Lux Sascha Set

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This is a character that I created during my old role-playing days.  Its a bit of a read, but I do hope you enjoy it.  Medsy  =^.^=

In the year 1560 of the family estate in Transylvania, Medow was born to the royal parents of Gerald and AnnMarie Nadis.  Medow grew up a privileged child.  Always getting what she wanted.  When Medow was the age of 11, she began to suffer from seizures, intense rage, and uncontrollable behavior.  It was thought to be Epilepsy.  Not knowing how to treat Medow’s illness, her parents would give into her wants and needs.

At the age of 15, pregnant by a town peasant, she married a warrior named Fredrick Shilova.  While Count Fredrick was away, to war, Medow assumed the duties of managing the Shilova family estate. The career of Medow’s evil began.  She would start out with simple disciplining a large household staff, but paying attention more to the young girls. During this time, cruel and arbitrary behavior towards servants was common with people of power.  Medow’s level of cruelty was beginning to be noteworthy.  Medow would find excuses to inflict punishment.  Delighted in the torture and death of her victims, Medow would stick pins in very sensitive body parts, such as under the fingernails.  Medow also would have her victims strip, lead them out into the snow, and drown them with water until they were frozen.  When Medow’s husband Fredrick returned, he taught Medow sadistic summer time punishment.  Fredrick taught Medow to have the victims strip, cover them in honey, and then lead them outside to be bitten by insects.  After several years passing, Medow was now more pleased with the power of sadistic behavior that Fredrick taught her.

Now that Medow’s husband has passed, she was a woman of power and beauty.  Being vein, Medow would seek for the fountain of youth.  Medow sought out young virgins, and perform blood rituals.  Medow would take the blood of the slain young virgins and bathe in their blood.  Sometimes Medow would keep the beaten and tortured young virgins in cages above her.  Then the young virgins blood would flow over Medow’s body.  When Medow was through with the young virgin bodies, she would dismember them, and throw them away like trash.

The townsfolk’s of Transylvania started noticing young virgin’s turning up missing.  Angering the townsfolk’s, they began searching for the missing virgin’s.  The townsfolk’s came upon the castle where Medow lives.  The men entered and discovered a young girl dead with tortured and beaten markings.  The men continued further into the darken castle.  The came upon a torched lighted room with massive blood pools, a blood filled bathtub, and dismembered bodies lying around.  Medow was found laying on her bed, and suckling the blood of a young virgin.  The men captured Medow and took her to the towns stockades.
There, in the stockades, Medow waited for the fate of her life.  The town decided to place Medow in a small room.  The small room would be sealed with only tiny slits for air and food to pass.

Medow’s blood lust grew with intensity with each passing day.  Medow then began to catch and feed of the blood of rats.

One day, after many years, the townsfolk’s unsealed the room.  Thinking that Medow was dead, the men began to remove Medow, and that was when she killed and drank the blood of the men that unsealed her.  Medow once again sought out young virgin’s, slaughter them, and drink and bathe in their blood.  As Medow bathed and drank the blood of the young virgins, Medow screamed out into the night air, “The Blood Countess lives!”

RunAway Hair - Shelley - Reds @ The Halloween Fair
*This event starts on October 24th and ends on 
November 7th.*
Wishbox - Alisandra Dress
Morphine - Juliana Peach Skintone - Natural/Berry Brow - W/Cleavage
Morphine - Cursed Elemental Eyes - Crimson
L. Fauna - Vampire Tattoo - Blood Tears
Mandala - Stretched Ears
Mandala - Katakori Necklace - Black

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[RunAway] @ The Halloween Fair

Well, after all the rolling restarts today in the world of Second Life, I was able to get this blog post done.  Now some of you maybe wondering why I haven't taken any images "on location."  Or, you haven't.  Either way, I have a crappy laptop that I like to call, Succubus.
One of these days, maybe I can get another PC.  Yeah right!  LOL!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look I came up with.  I have to say, it fits this time of year.  Happy Halloween.
Medsy  =^.^=

RunAway - Kayako Hair - Blacks @ The Halloween Fair
*The Fair runs from October 24 - November 7.*
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Natural/Black Brow
Morphine - Cursed Elemental Eyes - Yellow
Insufferable Dastard - Wings Eyeshadow
Corvus - Evil Eyes Makeup
Corvus - Black Mona Top
Sn@tch - Legion Jewelry Set
*Wearing the necklace only.*
Taox Tattoo - Wild Spirit

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fantasy Elf

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Felicity Pink Faun @ Hello Tuesday
*For $175 L's on the day of Tuesday October 21st.*
OrsiniRed - Simply Falling Outfit @ The Fantasy Collective
*Outfit includes, dress, left and right
 wings, headpiece, and alpha layer.*
Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
*Wearing just the braided buns and hair base.
The link for Thy Mystic Realm Fair is one of two sims.
I am unsure of which sim [RunAway] is on.*
Severed Garden - Alba Ballet Straps
SLink - Casual Hands & High Feet

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Casual Cuteness

Mmm' mmm' mmm' I just love how the new chenille top looks from Sn@tch.  I imagine how it would feel next to my smooth skin.  I'm always wanting to touch the fabric with my hands.
That is what I think when I wear chenille.  I do hope you like my "Casual Cuteness" look today.  As always, enjoy your wonderful day.  I know I will.
Medsy =^.^=

Sn@tch - Kinley Chenille Top (Mesh) - New Release
Sn@tch - Tala Velvet Shorts (Mesh) - New Release
Alterego - Panda Boots - Black
Morphine - FreyaV2 Tan Skintone - Preckled/Dark Brow
Insufferable Dastard - Shine - Soft Eyes - Sage
Magika - Dusty [03]
Mandala - Chunkeey - Jewelry Set - Silver
*Wearing just the necklace.*
Taox Tattoo's & Applier - Leg Garter FrouFrou