Sunday, December 14, 2014

Insanya State Of Mind

Insanya - Stomper Boots (Mesh) NEW RELEASE @ Frost 2014
*During the Frost 2014 event, which is from December 13th to January 3rd., you can get the Stomper Boots for $145 L's/Singles, and $500 L's/Fat Pack.*
Insanya - Cora Skirt (Mesh/Rigged) - NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore
*The skirt is priced at $220 L's/Singles and $1200 L's/Fat Pack.  The HUD provides different options.*
Insanya - Kelly Jacket (Mesh/Rigged) - NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore
Insanya - Strong Spirit Tattoo - Full Body Tattoo @ The Mainstore
*This tattoo has been updated with many body appliers.*
WoW Skins - Elsa - Golden Skintone - 05
*Another skin with the new golden skintone.*
Insufferable Dastard - Twinkle eyes - Sage
Mandala - Stretched Ears - Tunnel (Hole Size 1) (Mesh)
RealEvil - Rebel Zodiac Choker - Female (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Dylan - Variety (Mesh)
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body (Mesh)

Another New Release From 20.Five

20.Five - Beppie Jumpsuit (Mesh) - New Release
*The jumpsuit comes with a HUD to change the color of the top.*
KC Couture - Victoria Female Boots (Mesh)
*HUD controlled to change the flame colors as well as the bullets and laces.*
WoW Skins - Monica - Golden Skintone - 01
*Golden is a new skintone shade from WoW Skins.*
Insufferable Dastard - Twinkle Eyes - Sage - New Release
Truth Hair - Aida - Variety (Mesh)
Mandala - Stretched Ears (Mesh)
*Wearing Tunnel - Hole Size 1*
Mandala - Billionaire (Mesh)
Mandala - Onliest Necklace (Mesh)
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body (Mesh)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Flock Together

Perfection - Small Birds Tattoo - New Release
*This tattoo comes with all kinds of appliers.  When you do wear this tattoo, there are two more birds on your right shoulder.*
WoW Skins - Monica - Darktan - 01 - New Release
*Monica is a new release at WoW Skins.  You have different choices of skintones, even the new tone of Golden.  You also have different make-up options as well as eyebrow color.*
20.Five - Boris Bustier (Mesh) - New Release
*Boris comes with a color changing HUD.*
Truth Hair - Rogue - Variety (Mesh)
Mandala - Taper Ears - Size B-3 (Mesh)
Mandala - Billionaire (Mesh)
RealEvil - Lux Heart Belly Piercing
*Comes with a color changing HUD.*
RealEvil - Revox Blood Heart Necklace (Mesh)
*Comes with a color changing HUD, and engraving.*
Insufferable Dastard - Twinkle Eyes - Sky - New Release
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body V1.4 (Mesh)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shut Up

20.Five - Nirvana Top (Mesh) - New Release
20.Five - Temporary Jeans w/Belt (Mesh) - New Release
*Both of these items come with a color changing HUD to change the color of the top and jeans.*
WoW Skins - Fionora - Darktan @ Designer Circle
SLink - Physique Body V1.4 & Casual Hands (Mesh)
Mandala - Taper Ears - Size B-3 (Mesh)
Mandala - Billionaire (Mesh)
Truth Hair - Gretchen - Black/Whites (Mesh)
FLite. - Clearports - Black Viper (Mesh)
Letis Tattoo - Inermis
*Came with the SLink applier.*

Sn@tch At Winter Trend

Sn@tch - Fawn Beaded Gown - Pastels - Violet (Mesh) @ Winter Trend 2014
w/ Cuddles Fur Jacket - White (Mesh)
*This gown is an exclusive outfit for the event.  It is made in the pastel version of the Fawn Beaded Gown and has a bouns white fur jacket that you can wear with or without the gown.*                           WoW Skins - Lolita - Darktan - 02
Ikon - Hope Eyes - Blue
Truth Hair - Harriet - Reds (Mesh)

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I can't quiet put my mindset to Winter just yet.  But I am getting there.  Just difficult when there isn't any snow on the ground in my part of the world.

[ bubble ] Vintage Floral Skirt (Mesh) @ The Candy Shop
*You can find this new skirt in six versions at the current round of The Candy Shop.*
[RunAway] Hair - Janita - Ombres (Mesh) @ The Big Show
*You can get Janita in a variety of colors.  Janita is also breast enhancement friendly.*
Morphine - Beatrix Tan Skintone - Smokey/Black Brow
Sn@tch - Martine Poncho - Wine (Mesh) - Previous Release
Ikon - Kaleido Eyes - Leaf
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body V1.4 (Mesh)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just Another Casual Look

20.Five - Opi Hoodie (Mesh) - New Item
*Comes with a color changing HUD for the hoodie.*
20.Five - Jan Skinny Jeans (Mesh) - New Item
*Comes with a color changing HUD.*
WoW Skins - Ginevra - Darktan @ Makeover Room
*The Makeover Room has already starated, but ends on December 26th.*
Truth Hair - Harley - Variety (Mesh)
Ikon - Kaleido Eyes - Leaf
Mandala - Taper Ears - Size B-1 (Mesh)
Mandala - Billionaire (Mesh)
SLink - Casual Hands & Physique Body V1.4 (Mesh)
Letis Tattoo - Inermis
*Used the SLink applier that came with the tattoo.*