Monday, October 28, 2013


It is in the heart of the fall season.  As you all know, Halloween is coming up this week.  A lot of people have mixed feelings about Halloween, but me, I love it.  Halloween is truly one of my favorite times of the year. Here in the U.S., we celebrate it by dressing up in costume, and have what some call a beggars (trick or treating in other areas) night.  In SL, many designers offer specials, treats, free gifts, and maybe even a few tricks.  ;-)  I find myself always going to this look for Halloween every year.

                                                           <Kiss This> Skeleton Avatar

The <Kiss This> in-world store is no longer, but you can visit their Market Place store.  There are two links to where you can find <Kiss This>.

Now for my 2nd look.  For your Halloween pleasure, Bubblez Design has released a new dress.  It is called Haruka.  You can get this new dress for a promotional sale price of $50L.


BB(Bubblez Design) - Haruka Dress (Halloween Promotion at $50L)
Magika [Halloween 2012 Group Gift] Blood/Candy Corn (2012)
(AMD)(Apple May Design) Popstar Ring - Halloween (2012)
Izzie's - Cat Tights
:Hebenon Vial: Jewel [Ink]*Mesh*
[ SAKIDE ] Racy Boots Black/White VIP Gift
[*RD*](Rotten Defiance) - Enchanted Crowns-Bad Apple (Past hunt item)
EarthStones - Cat Eyes - Aquamarine
Lara Hurley Skin - Halloween Fairy (Group Gift 2013)

SECOND LIFE LINKS (In-world & Marketplace)
Kiss This #1
Kiss This #2
Bubblez Design
Apple May Design
Hebenon Vial
Sakide and Sakide VIP Lounge
Rotten Defiance
Lara Hurley Skin

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Beginning October 16, and running to October 31, 2013 is the BOHO CULTURE FAIR!  One of this year's sponsors is Mirror's Enigma.  I like to introduce to you, Ashley.  There are three different skintone bundles, Peach, Medium, and Brown.  Each skintone bundle comes with six different make-up colors on the skin.  Along with four different eyebrow colors.  Those are, Berry, Brown, Heavy, and Light.  And an eyebrow shape layer.  Each skintone also has a cleavage option, and without.  You also get the Lola's and Lush breast appliers to coordinate with the skintone.  Ashley also comes with two different eye colors, Infinity Eye Color Enchant and Dark Brown.  Then there are three different shapes, mesh extra small and medium, and model medium.  Your options are endless.  Ashley also comes with the SLink hand skin applier too.

Ashley's Blouse and Maxi Skirt (Mesh) comes in 5 different colors.  Colors to choose from are, Blues (not pictured), Gypsy, Neo, Purple, and Steam.  Each blouse and skirt comes in a range of mesh sizes, an alpha layer, and combined alpha layer.

You can now find Outcast Ink in-world, Facebook, and Flickr.  Feel free to join the groups.


Pictured below is:
[:ME:] Ashley Brown Skintone (Bundle)(Smoky/HeavyBrow w/ CL)


HAIR: Magika [03] Rewind 
JEWELRY:  EarthStones Butterfly Necklace & Earrings - Whisper
NAILS:  Pixel Mode - Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
FLOWER:  Pollen - ForgetMeNot Flower Pin
TATTOO:  Sn@tch Mayhem Tattoo (NOT FOR SALE)

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Have you ever wanted to dress up like a Playboy Bunny?  I did just that.

Leri Miles Designs - Bunny Raven
(On sale at SLebrity City)
*SLeberity City
*Leri Miles Designs

[:ME:] Stella Medium Skintone (Bundle) (Blight/Black w/CL)
*Body Modification Expo @ Depraved Nation

EarthStones Gem Eyes - Peridot
Exile - American Woman: Natural Fusion - Bleach
Bax Coen Designs - Prestige Boots - Black Leather
*Bax Coen Designs
Haus of Darcy - Broken Reflection - Mesh Piercing
Outcast INK In-World Group

I have been saving up all of Epic's VIP Group Gifts for some time now.  I was going through them a couple of weeks ago, and came up with this look.

*Epic Bombastic*  VIP Basic Bunneh Bodysuit {N.Green}
*Epic VIP* Members Gift [Butterfly Buddies 2!]
*Epic VIP* Members Gift [Rainbow Warmers April 2012]
*Epic VIP* Members Gift [Succubus Horns  - May 2013]
*Epic* Fairy Sparkle Dream Wings {Rainbow}

Izzie's - Katya Skin - Fair
[d] Lush Breasts 1.4
Magika [03] Dusty


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello there everyone!  Yes it has been some time now since my last blog post.  There has been some real-life things going on.  I've had to have more surgery, and recovering from that.  Some post-op testing from thyroid cancer, and a new keyboard for my craptop.  Glad to be back into the swing of things while recovering from my latest surgery.  Be on the lookout for it.  ;-)

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot!  I have been working along with my Mom & Dad (RL & SL) on a project they have created. It is called Smabbiee's Corner.  It is a magazine that is not about fashion, but about well, about a little bit of everything.

A new Depraved Nations Event starts on October 10th.  It is called, The Modification Expo. If you would like more information on this event please visit DEPRAVED NATIONS EVENT.

You all know about my favorite skin designer, Ydreece Forster of Mirror's Enigma, well she has a new skin product line that will be available starting October 10th at The Modification Expo.  Go check it out!  What are you waiting for.  Oh!?  It doesn't start until tomorrow, October 10th.

Like O.M.G.!  I am so diggin' the budget outfit from Paradisis.  I'd like to see this outfit in more colors then shown below.  *wink*

SKIN/SHAPE:  [:ME:] Stella Peach Skintone (Bundle)(Blush/Black)
                                      Stella G2W Special Shape (Mesh Size XS)

HAIR:  Truth Hair - Katya - Variety (New Release)

EYES:  .ID. Anime Eyes - Pink 1

OUTFIT:  Paradisis - Music Girl (budget outfit)

BOOTS:  [ZE] Snuggle Uggle Boots {COAL}

Mirror's Enigma
Truth Hair
Insufferable Dastard

If you would like to be kept updated on everything OUTCAST INK, feel free to join my in-world SL group free of charge.  Just click on the link above.