Sunday, July 31, 2016

Post #609

Sn@tch - Trinka Crochet Halter Tops (All Colors) @ Designer Circle
*Trinka is a system beaded top that comes in 10 colors
and an Omega Applier HUD.*
Sn@tch - Mahalo Embroidered Pants (All Colors) @ Designer Circle
*Mahalo is a system skinny white pant, that comes in 10
embroidered pastel colors & an Omega Applier HUD.*
**Designer Circle is a bi-weekly event that offers deals
from participating designers.  These items are priced
between $50L's to $100L's.  You'll have to act fast,
because the current round ends on Aug. 16th.**

.kosmetik - Mesh Eyes - Void - New Group Gift
*A new mesh eye for members of the
.kosmetik group only.*

WoW Skins - Katty - (Bronze Skintone) - July Group Gift
*I so have been meaning to blog the new group
gift skin.  Anyway, here she is, Katty.  Katty comes
in 6 different skintones.  There is even a skin with
a cleavage option.  And not only that, there is an
Omega Applier too!!!  Only a very short time to
pick up Katty, since its the last day of July.  Woops,
not only do you get the Omega applier, but its a
system skin too.*

Belleza - Venus Mesh Body Package - Isis Mesh Body
*I didn't use the updated body that just came out.*

Catwa - Alice Basic Mesh Head - V4.9 (Mesh)
*Comes with a main & an animations HUD
that you can update.  Alpha, eyes, shape
are all also included.*

Magika - Thread - HUD Pack #4 (Mesh)
*Comes with a hair color changing HUD.
Also @ Magika, is having a summer sale!
And!  It has been extended until Aug. 2nd.*

Letis Tattoo Culture - Kali - H16003 (Sleeve Tattoo)
*Comes in 4 opacities, tattoo layers & appliers.*

KC Couture - Kailua Waist Chain (Fitmesh)
*Comes in different mesh body sizes
& a color changing HUD.*
KC Couture - Maui Sandals - A Current Release
*Comes in different mesh feet sizes (flat)
& a color changing HUD.*

*Even though this shape is geared to go with the
Maitreya Lara Body, it did work with the Belleza
Isis Body.*

Purple Poses - Piper Pose Pack - Pose #01

Friday, July 29, 2016

Post #608

Post #608
Sn@tch - AJ Mixed Mesh Outfit (All Colors/Sizes) - New Release
*AJ is a fitted mesh suede top with system layers or Omega
applier black shorts.  The top comes with a 18 color HUD.
The top also comes in 8 fitted sizes, including SLink,
Maitreya & Belleza mesh bodies.

.kosmetik - Precise Sheer Lipgloss - Red - New Release
*Precise is an outlined version to the glosses
that are at The Makeover Room.  There are 4
colors, which are, red, purple, pink & copper.
On each applier HUD, you have 5 different
colors that range from light to dark.  The
applier HUD's are Catwa, LeLutka & Omega.*

YS & YS - Danana Catwa Applier - Skintone #02
*The applier HUD comes with 5 eyebrow,
3 freckles, 6 eye makeups & 6 lipsticks.*
YS & YS - Maitreya Mesh Body Skin Applier - Skintone #02
*With the purchase of this applier, you also get the 
freckles & SLink appliers.*

Rezology - Cottonmouth (Mesh)
*Comes with hair coloring HUD.*

Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase Set 10 for Catwa Mesh Heads
*Comes with a standard 4 color tintable HUD.*

Letis Tattoo Culture - Naisha - MM16010
*Comes with body appliers & standard
tattoo layers in 4 different opacities.*

KC Couture - Zany Shoes (Mesh) - Exclusive @ Tres Chic/July Round
*Comes with a customization HUD.  Fits popular mesh flat feet.*
KC Couture - Vogue Female Sunglasses - Fatpack
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

RealEvil Industries - Deanna Set (Mesh)
*Comes with a metal color changing HUD.*
RealEvil Industries - Dark Queen Septum Ring - P5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a metal color changing HUD.*

Ikon - Charm Eyes - Armor(R) & Nymph(L) (Mesh)
Catwa - Alice Basic Mesh Head - V4.9 (Mesh)
Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Feet/Hands - V3.5 (Mesh) - Zara Shape for Mesh Heads - Marketplace Only

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Post #607/LAQ~Trinity Mesh Head

Hello there everyone.  How are things going for you?  I do hope you all are well.  Recently I caved in, and bought LAQ's new mesh head, Trinity 1.0.  I really didn't have to do much with this head.  I did make a copy of my current shape, and adjust a few settings on my standard head shape.  It is possible to be able to wear mesh eyes.  I only had to edit the position of those.  On the HUD, comes with Trinity, you just enter your head size, and it puts the eyelashes in place.  Also on the HUD, you have 7 built in skintones, eyebrows, hairbase, lipstick & eyeshadow colors.  You can turn off and on the ears & neck blender.  Your neck size also can be adjusted.  There are some facial-expressions, that are also built in.  You have eye blink, open mouth, closed smile & open smile.  You can play each one separately or put them all on auto expression.  There is also a save tab on the HUD.  Trinity is growing on me. I look forward to seeing more designers take on appliers for this head.  Oh!  I almost forgot. Trinity does come with its own shape, but you can wear your current shape.  All you have to do is make some minor adjustments on your shape.


LAQ - Trinity Mesh Head - V1.0 (Mesh) - New Release
*Trinity comes with the head, HUD, 2 alpha layers
(1 for head only & 1 for whole body) & a Info
notecard with recommendations.*
Izzie's - LAQ Trinity Head Omega Applier - Aria - Rosy -New Release
*The applier HUD has 5 skin/eyebrows with or without freckles,
12 different lipstick colors & 9 eyeshadow.*
RealEvil Industries - Portia Lacfe Bustier (Mesh) - Fatpack - New Release @ Shiny Shabby Event
*Portia comes with a harness that you can toggle on/off with a button on the HUD.
The harness has 10 available colors, with 6 metals & 12 leathers.  The fatpack
has 2 bonus colors.  You can also show/hide the top part.  Shiny Shabby opened
on July 20th.  This round of Shiny Shabby ends on August 15th.*
RealEvil Industries - Nahlim Necklaces - S1 (Mesh) - New Release @ Men Only Monthly
*There are 4 versions to the Nahlim Necklaces.  I'm wering S1.  Each chain
& pendant comes in 6 different colors.  All on the included HUD.  MOM has
already started.  You have until August 15th to head on down to MOM.*
RealEvil Industries - Dark Queen Septum Ring (Mesh) - P1
*Comes with customization HUD.*
Magika - In My Mind - 04 Color Pack (Mesh)
*I got In My Mind on sale during Magika's
50% off summer sale.  I would hurry and
check out what's on sale.  This sale end
on July 31st!*
Letis Tattoo Culture - Serenity Sleeve - H15007
*Comes with mesh body appliers
& standard tattoo layers.  4 different
opacities to pick from.*
Glitterati Poses - Closeup Pose Pack - Pose #1

Ikon - Charm Eyes - Armor(R) & Nymph(L) (Mesh)
Mandala - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh)
Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5 (Mesh)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Post #606

Hello there my dear readers & followers.  I hope you all are enjoying your summer.  For the first time in years, I'm having a wonderful summer.  My RL has been keeping me busy.  I've moved, once again, family getting married, pool parties, etc...  If anyone is in the mid-west of the United States, I hope you are keeping cool.  It sure has been hot here in my neck of the woods.  Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with everyone.  Be safe and happy.  Love each other.  ~Medsy~

Post #606/Image 1
Post #606/Image 2
**I know it's late for this post, but Genre is still open.  Genre is a monthly event that offeres different
cultures in SecondLife.  The designers create an item (or two) to a unified theme.  And it is on sale for only $100L's.  That's right!  Only for a max of $100L's.  Each month Genre opens on the 15th of each and every month, and is open until the 12th of the following month.  You still have plenty of time to shop at Genre.  If you would like more info on Genre, please CLICK HERE.**

Sn@tch - Moana Batik Beach Dress (Mesh) @ Genre-Polynesia
*Moana is a flowing, beach feeling tank dress.  It comes in
8 different patterns/colors.  You also get the HUD that
changes the color/patterns.  Moana also comes in 9 sizes,
even including Maitreya, SLink Physique & Hourglass.*
Sn@tch - Hirituhi Maori Tattoos @ Genre-Polynesia
*OMG!  I just love this new tattoo from Sn@tch!  It
is a full body tattoo that comes in 3 opacities, dark,
medium & faded.  Hirituhi comes in tattoo layers &
an Omega Applier HUD.*
Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Holographic Heaven - Exclusive @ Applique
*Applique is open, and their doors close on August 7th.  You can get
these colorful nail appliers there.  Each single applier is on sale for
$100L's & the fatpack is on sale for $275L's.*
.kosmetik - Sheer Lipgloss - Red - Exclusive @ The Makeover Room
*A new round of The Makeover Room will begin on August 7!
This is a SNEAK PEAK at what .kosmetik has to offer.  Not only
is there a sheer red lipgloss, but there are also the colors of
copper, pink & purple.  Each color option has 5 different shades
of color variations.*
Catwa - Dyana Basic Mesh Head - V4.9 (Mesh)
*Comes with basic brown eyes, alpha layer,
main (big) & animations HUD, eye depth
shape & mic animations.*
Veechi - Winged Eyeliners - Catwa Applier
*I had heard about these eyeliners from's post.  I had to 
have them.  There are 9 different 
winged eyeliners on the applier HUD.*
Glam Affair - Ary Catwa Applier - America @ Collabor88-July Round
*I used this applier as a base for my look.  Ary was made to be
worn with Catwa's Amy head, but I used a different head.  I'm
not too sure when Collabor88's July's round will end.  There is
5 different brow colors.*
Truth Hair - Dune - Variety Color Pack (Mesh) @ Uber or Uber Off Sim Cam Shopping
*Dune comes with a hair color & accessory HUD's.
You can find Dune still at Uber for the new/current
round that has just opened.  It was not changed out.*
KC Couture - Maui Sandals - New Release (Mesh)
*I got these on sale for the 35 colors,
fatpack, promo price of $99L's.*
EarthStones - Tumbled Stone Jewelry Set - Spring Garden (Mesh)
*I'm wearing only the necklace & bracelet.  The necklace
does come with earrings too.  Left mouse click to resize.*
Purple Poses - Minx Pose Pack - Minx Pose #5
Izzie's - Head & Hands Pose Pack - Pose #10

Solangel - Thong Panty - Black (Mesh)
*Standard sizes, SLink Physique &
Hourglass, Belleza Venus, Isis &
Freya & Maitreya Lara mesh body
sizes.  Single color HUD is included.*
Truth Hair - Demelza - Black/Whites Color Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with hair color/accessory HUD*
RealEvil Industries - Raven Leather Pasties (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*
Purple Poses - Kendal Pose Pack - Kendal Pose #3 & #4

Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5 (Mesh) - Zara (For Mesh Heads) Shape - Marketplace Only
Ikon - Charm Eyes - Armor(R) & Nymph(L) (Mesh)
Mandala - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Post #605

Post #605
RealEvil Industries - Simone Harness Lingerie - Pack 1 - New Release (Mesh) @ ROMP Event
*A new round of ROMP has opened.  There you can find Simone.  Simone comes
in 2 different color packs.  Each pack there are 5 leathers, 5 metals & 5 gem
colors.  All controlled by a  HUD.  Simone is only compatible with the Maitreya
Lara body.  You can get Simone until July 29th.*
RealEvil Industries - Simone Bow Collar - New Release (Mesh) @ ROMP Event
*Simone Bow Collar comes in 10 leathers, 5 metals & 5 gems.
The collar is also OpenCollar scripted.  This collar is also color
changed through a HUD.  This collar is also at available until
July 29th.*
RealEvil Industries - Surya Gacha Collection - New Release (Mesh) @ The Epiphany
-Surya Arm Cuff - Common - Gold
-Surya Necklace - Common - Gold
-Surya Toe Rings - Maitreya High Feet - Exclusive
-Surya Foot Tattoo - Black - Exclusive

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Round & Round - Maitreya Applier - July/August Group Gift
*Round & Round comes in 6 different colors.  You can pick up your copy
for the whole month of July & August.  Just make sure you are wearing
your group tag.*

Catwa - Cami Basic Mesh Head - V4.9 (Mesh)
*Comes with basic brown eyes, main &
animation HUD's, mic gestures, alpha
layer & eye depth shape.*

YS & YS - Danana Catwa Head Applier - Tone 2 - New Release
*5 skin/eyebrow base, 3 freckles/moles, 6 eye make-ups
& 6 lipsticks.*
YS & YS - Maitreya Lara Body Applier - Tone 2

Little Bones - Centerfold - The Dark Colors
*Comes with a color changing HUD.*

Glitterati Poses - Bitch Pose Pack - Pose #1

Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5
Mandala - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh) - Zara Shape/For Mesh Heads - Marketplace Only
Ikon - Charm Eyes - Armor(R) & Nymph(L) (Mesh)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Post #604/Some Neko Lovin'

Post #604/Some Neko Lovin'
RealEvil Industries - Surya Gacha Items - New Release @ Epiphany Event
*The Epiphany Event is back, and it is their birthday.  You have
until August 15th, so don't worry if you can't get in just yet.  In
my post, I am wearing...
**Surya Arm Cuff - Common - Silver (Mesh)
**Surya Swimsuit Bottom - Black - Common (Mesh)
**Surya Rings - Maitreya Hands - Rare (Mesh)
*Oh!  Don't forget to check out the gifts too.  More to come.*
RealEvil Industries - Bad Kitty Collar (Mesh)
RealEvil Industries - Cat Corset (Mesh)
RealEvil Industires - Cat Leather Mask (Mesh)
RealEvil Industries - Cat Leather Pasties (Mesh)
*All RealEvil items come with a customization HUD.*

Chemical Princess - Slutty Bodysuit - Exclusive @ anyBody
*anyBody is now open, and you have until July 31st to
shop.  anyBody is bring sexy back to SL.  You can pick
up C.P.'s new bodysuit there.  It comes in black or white,
Ripped, Net & smooth styles.  With each one you have
the Omega & SLink appliers.*

.kosmetik - Outlined Matte Lipstick - New Release @ Trend Fashion Fair
*This group of 5 different colors come as a tattoo layer,
Catwa, LeLutka & Omega appliers as well.  .kosmetik's
in-world location has moved.  Please update your LM's.*

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - On Wednesdays Nail Applier - Buy Now July Round
**Buy Now is sale that takes place all on Marketplace.  All Items are only on
Marketplace & not available in the in-world store.  For more information,
please visit Buy Now's website by CLICKING HERE.  There is also an 
in-world location.**  *On Wednesday is a nail applier that comes in 9
different bat colors.  Single packs are on sale for $145L's, whereas
the fatpack is on sale for $290L's.*

Psychotic Neko - Color Change Skinny Bow Tail - Black
*Comes as a scripted tail to interact with.*

Epic - Colorable Whiskers 
Epic - Pierced Neko Ears - Black

Truth Hair - Tom - Female Version - Variety Color Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with a hair color changing HUD.*

Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase Set #10 - Catwa Applier
*Comes as a hairbase applier that is tintable.*

KC Couture - Yoshee Ribbon Boots (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

CATWA - Alice Basic Mesh Head - V4.9 (Mesh)
MAITREYA - Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5 (Mesh)
MANDALA - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh)
STRAWBERRYSINGH.COM - Zara Shape For Mesh Heads - Marketplace Only
IKON - Charm Eyes - Armor(R) & Nymph(L) (Mesh)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Post #603

Post #603
Sn@tch - Fish 4 This - For The Love of Vice
*For The Love of Vice is a 23 piece outfit.
5 system tops, 5 mesh skirts, tights, hair
bow, goggles, boots & makeup.*
**Today is the last day to fish for this outfit.**

WoW Skins - Alice Catwa Applier - Exclusive @ Mesh Body Addicts
*This applier has 4 eyebrow options.*
WoW Skins - Maitreya Skintone Applier
*An all-in-1 skintone applier.*

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Wiccan Essentials - Exclusive @ Mesh Body Addicts
* With each applier HUD, you get 12 different options.  Single packs are on
sale for $100L's each, and the fatpack is $275L's.*

Truth Hair - Blythe - Variety Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with a hair coloring HUD.*

Vista Animations - Female Modeling Poses - PF2

Catwa - Alice Basic Mesh Head - V4.9
Mandala - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh)
Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Feet/Hands - V3.5 (Mesh) - Zara Shape For Mesh Heads - Marketplace Only
Ikon - Charm Eyes - Armor(R) - Nymph(L) (Mesh)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Post #602

Post #602
**The Seasons Story has begun.  This new round is open until July 30th.**
RealEvil Industries - Tina Top - New Release (Mesh) @ The Seasons Story Event
*The Tina top comes in 10 colors with 8 metals & 12 lace colors.  With the
fatpack, you get 2 bonus exclusive colors.  All loaded on a HUD.*
RealEvil Industries - Lana Shorts - New Release (Mesh) @ The Seasons Story Event
*The Lana shorts come in 12 colors, 8 metals & 8 leathers (for the harness).
You can also show/hide the leather harness.  The fatpack comes with 3
bonus exclusive colors.  All loaded on a HUD.*
~~>Both items are compatible with Maitreya, SLink Physique & Hourglass mesh bodies.<~~

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Feather Flair - Exclusive @ Mesh Body Addicts
*You can pick up this new nail applier until July 31st.  All single packs are
on sale for $100L's & the fatpack is on sale for $275L's.  The fatpack
has SLink, Maitreya & Omega nail appliers.  Each applier HUD has 9
different colors.*

WoW Skins - Rosa Catwa Applier - Bronze - New Release
*Rosa has 2 lipstick options & a no brow.*
WoW Skins - Maitreya Skintone Applier
*An all-in-one applier HUD with/out
cleavage option.*

KC Couture - Amelia Wedges - Maitreya Fit (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Truth Hair - Jayla - Black/Whites Color Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with hair color changing HUD & color
changing HUD for the bands.*

Catwa - Alice Basic Mesh Head - V4.9
Mandala - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh)
Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5
Ikon - Charm Eyes (Mesh)