Saturday, February 15, 2014


It's another Saturday night here where I am in this world.  One of my Sissy's, Ming was wearing this fur coat the last time I saw Ming-Ming. It's long, black, and looks like pure sex appeal.  So, I copied Ming-Ming, and got the fur coat.  Not sure if I pulled off the sexy look thought.  =-.^=  Yes, just a bit bored tonight.  I also was playing around with the lighting when took the pic's.  Meh, guess they are okay.  I do like the B & W one though.  Oh yeah!  Go U.S.A. Men's Hockey!

The Ice Queen's Mink - Onyx (Mesh) @ Junbug
Kayla's Lingerie - Black @ Morphine's MP ~ Morphine's Main Store
Regency - Black Leather (Mesh) @ Bax Coen Boots
EarthStones - Wicked Vines Set (Necklace) @ EarthStones
Truth Hair - Alexis - Reds @ Truth Hair
ID - Essential Eyes - Teal Mix @ ID
Hebenon Vial - Against The Stream - Ink (Mesh)Hebenon Vial
Mandala - Steking Unisex Ears @ Mandala

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