Monday, September 29, 2014

New Release @ Ducknipple

Are you the club'n type of gal?  Do you like to show off some skin, but keep your naughty bits covered?  The this new dress, from Ducknipple, Viral is right up your alley.  While it covers the naughty bits, it shows off your curves at the same time.  I paired up Viral, with another new release from Ducknipple, a pair of some smexy, studded, high heels, for your SLink High feet, called Vulva.  Both of these new releases from Ducknipple come with a HUD to change colors.  I just happen to like the red color for the straps with Viral, and just black with Vulva.  Anywho, I hope you enjoy this look.
Medsy =^.^=

Ducknipple - Viral Dress - W/HUD (New Release)
Ducknipple - Vulva Heels - W/HUD (New Release)
*For SLink High Feet.*
Morphine - Beatrix Tan Skintone - Smokey/Black Brow
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Spring (Coming Soon)
SLink - Physique Body, Casual Hands, & High Feet
Letis Tattoo - Nadir
*Used the SLink Applier HUD's.*
Taox Tattoo - Leg Garter FrouFrou
*Used the SLink Applier HUD.*
Mandala - Billionaire - Fat Pack
RealEvil - Lux Krista Earrings/Ears
*Wearing the cuffs only.*
Truth Hair - Rogue - Black/White's

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