Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morphine @ Penumbra Fashion Week A/W '14

Yes this is a little late to post, but I got sick with whatever is going around.  Since I am feeling better I would love to show you a stunning dress from Morphine.

What is Penumbra?  Penumbra is a premier agency rocking the fashion world in SL.  There exists a space of shadow and light, the almost imperceptible zone where fashion and fantasy merge. 
This is .PENUMBRA. We are FASHION.  If you would like to know more, CLICK HERE.

Morphine - Victoria's Ball Gown - Lavender @ Penumbra Fashion Week A/W '14
Morphine - Jade Medium Skintone - Smokey/Black Brow
Morphine - Infinity Eyes - Blue
*Coming soon to the main store.*
!nfinity - Face Mask V1 @ The Thrift Shop
!nfinity - Stin Ring Lilac @ The Thrift Shop
RealEvil - Lux Aliki Set @ The Jewelry Fair
*Wearing ring only.*
SLink - Physique Body & Casual Hands

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