Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I wanted to share with you all another set of photos I've done for the heck of it.  Enjoy!

[:TCR:] Axe of Disdain v1.10 : SR for Women
** "Version 1.10 is now released and has been deployed.
This item is currently at a Special Release. It includes some additional attachments for a more badass look. It comes with a customized Harness and a few Non Enhanced ARMORS. 
This version will be priced at $1,500L's for now until March 17, 2014 - 6pm SLT and head up to $1,800L after the given date. This goes for our Product Update and Redelivery." **
Morphine : Ghail Ivory Skintone (SmokeyBlackBrow)
Morphine : Ghail's Lips (Cherry/Dark)
Graves - 403 Wildcat
Ducknipple - Eve Collar - Mesh (w/Hud)
Death Row Design - Worn Combat Boots (Black)
Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
The :HV - Alice [Metal]*Mesh*
Raw House - Sorcha [Blacks]
EarthStones - Cat Eyes - Emerald
Photographed @ Psycho Chaos home to the Psycho Misfits.  The free form role-playing land of Halloween and all that goes bump in the night.  All warped and demented souls are welcome.  This is where I am at 99.9% of my time in SL.  If you dare, come for a visit.

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