Saturday, August 29, 2015

Post #467


Sn@tch - Cypher Lace Top (Mesh/All Colors/All Sizes) - NEW ITEM
*This is a mesh top. All colors & sizes as included.*
Sn@tch - Nieve Sequin Maxi Skirt (Mesh/All Colors/All Sizes) -NEW ITEM
*This is a mesh skirt.  All colors & sizes included.*

GlamRus Poses - Rebecca Poses - Pose #02 @ FAD

Belleza - Isis Body (Mesh) - From The Current Venus Body
*HUD & alpha layer included.*
Belleza - Lola Skin - From Fifty Linden Friday
*Comes in two skintones & lip gloss.*

Ikon - Odyssey Eyes - Wraith
*Classic layer, mesh eyes &
HUD included.*

Truth Hair - Essena - Black/Whites (Mesh)
*Was a subscriber group gift.*

Mons - Make-ups Black Eyeliner Series
*Wearing series #8.*
Mons - Septum Ring - Style 22 (Mesh)

Mandala - Fearless Jewelry Set - Silver - CURRENT ITEM
*Scripted to be re-sized.*
Mandala - Steking Ears (Unisex/Mesh)
*HUD included.*

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