Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Post #463


Tales & Stories - Opened Tank Top (Mesh) - NOW AVAILABLE
*You don't get just 1 HUD, but a bonus HUD too.
Different mesh sizes, & alpha layer included.*
Tales & Stories - Bat Pumps
*HUD included.*

GlamRus Poses - Sam Poses - Pose #01 EXCLUSIVE @ MESH AVENUE
*The Same Poses come in 6 different ones.*

Sn@tch - Fatima Mixed Outfit
*Wearing only the capris.*
Sn@tch - Micah Metal Cuffs (Mesh)
*HUD included.*
Sn@tch - Legion Jewelry Set (Mesh)
*Wearing only the necklace.
Scripted to change color of
eyes & to resize.*

Mons - Septum Ring - Style 22 - Black (Mesh)
*This septum also comes with other colors.*

Belleza - Isis Body (Mesh)
*HUD included.*
Belleza - Beth - Sunkissed Skintone - Make-up 01
*Also wearing the blush & freckles, which are
included with the make-up choice you pick.*
Belleza - Beth Lip Bundle
*Wearing gloss #8.*

Insufferable Dastard - Wings Eye-shadow
*Comes in a tattoo layer.*

Ikon - Odyssey Eyes - Blue
*Classic & mesh w/HUD

Truth Hair - Tom - Variety (Unisex/Mesh)
*HUD included.*
Truth Hair - Hair Base - Crow
*Tattoo layer.*

Mandala - Taper Ears (Unisex/Mesh)
*HUD included.*

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