Thursday, August 20, 2015

Post #457


LePunk - Petticoat - Black (Mesh) - New Release
*This darling skirt comes in 6 different
colors to choose from.  Alpha layer is
included for you classic avatar's.*
LePunk - Headband - Black w/White Polka Dots

Sn@tch - Knotted Sheer Tee - White
*This tee comes in classic layers
& appliers for mesh bodies.
There are several colors to
wear.  This top was part of
Squeaky Clean Outfit.*
Sn@tch - Adorable Fishnet Stockings (All Colors) - Updated
*These stockings have been updated
with the Omega system for mesh
body lovers.*

Truth Hair - Arden - Black/Whites (Mesh) - New Release

Insanya - Collar with Leash (Male or Female)
*The collar comes with a hide/show leash,
and with different designs.  The collar it-
self comes in 4 different designs, & above
the ring, there are also 4 different styles.
You can also change the metal colors too.*

RealEvil Industries - Revox Roman Bracelet Set @ Mens Only Monthly Event
*In the package you get, male & female
bracelets,a watch & a HUD.*

Tales & Stories - Goth Pumps - Now Available
*In the package you get the pumps
& HUD to change the colors
of the pumps.*

Belleza - Isis Body (Mesh)
*Comes with HUD.*
Belleza - May - Medium Skintone
*Wearing make-up 3 & red gloss.*

Ikon - Odyssey Eyes - Field
*Classic & mesh eye
are included, along
with a HUD.*

Mons - Septum Ring - Style 29 - Silver @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Izzie's - Head & Hands Poses - Pose #06

Glitterati - Pose #92

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