Friday, August 14, 2015

Post #450


Sn@tch - Catalina Mini Dress (Mesh) - New Release
*You get all colors & mesh sizes.*
Sn@tch - Autumn Ribbed Tights (Pale Colors)
*Classic layers & mesh body appliers.*
Sn@tch - Cowboy Boots of Good
*These are old school boots,
meaning they are not mesh.*

KC Couture - Vogue Female Sunglasses/Fatpack (Mesh) - New Release
*Comes with HUD, attach to nose or head.*

Truth Hair - Benita - Black/Whites (Mesh)
*Comes with HUD.*

Belleza - Isis Body (Mesh)
*Comes with HUD.*
Belleza - Lola Skin - Medium Skintone
*Wearing dark brows & lip gloss.*

Mandala - Kotowari Watch Set - Fatpack Version (UnisexMesh)
*Comes with HUD.*
Mandala - Kotowari Necklace Set (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with HUD.*
Mandala - Steking Ears - Season 5 (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with HUD.*

Glitterati - La di da Poses - Pose #05

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