Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hello one and all.  Let's talk about an exclusive skin from MIRROR'S ENIGMA. Superbia in pale skin tone, is an exclusive release at VANITY FAIR.  What can I say, its a very fun skin pack.  The Vanity bundle includes, three different color eyes, a special shape, mesh eyelashes, bald base, and five different color variations.  These colors are, blue, lime, nude, purple, and vanity.  The different color skin tones have a cleavage, teeth, and cleavage + teeth skin.  There is also a base skin as well.  Superbia also has a make-up line that is sold separately.  If you ask me, more bang for your linden bucks.  If you have any more questions pertaining to [:ME:] or Vanity Fair, please visit their websites.  In the outfit below, I picked it up at Hope For Emilia.  You can also visit their website to gather more info.
SHAPE, SKIN, EYES, EYELASHES, and BALD HAIR are from, [:ME:] Superbia Pale Skintone (Vanity Bundle V).  In this photo I am wearing the Lime 03 w/CL, along with the dark blue eyes.  MAKE-UP:  [:ME:] Superbia's Cosmetics Collection (Exclusive), eyebrow Dark.
HAIR:  Magika // B&W // Minzy.
OUTFIT:  [ SAKIDE ] Visit to Italy Outfit Black.
NECKLACE/BRACELETS:  Necklace:  *Starz*(AMD) Cool Necklace.  Bracelets:  *Starz*(AMD) Veranica.
NAILS:  :)Pixelfashion(: NAILS Collection AA

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