Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yes, I know, haven't been bloggin' this past week.  Once again, RL kept me busy.  Anyway, I TP'd my avi on down to Fashion Voodoo.  While lookin' around, I spotted this outfit at Epic.  Mirror's Enigma has a new group gift out for the month of August.  If you haven't yet, get down to [:ME:]!
OUTFIT:  Epic -Fashion Voodoo- Mesh Latex Vixen Outfit
SKIN/SHAPE:  [:ME:] Bern Original Skintone (August Group Gift)
                      [:ME:] Gula Special Slim Shape, Tweaked
BELT:  EarthStones Symbolic Belt - Triquetra
HAIR:  Truth - Velvet - B&W - Night w/Roots
EYES:  EarthStones Gem Eyes ~ Peridot
EYELASHES:  Kosh- No Alpha Lashes V4
JEWELRY:  Sn@tch My Cold Black Heart
FACIAL PIERCING:  [-iPoke-] Victoria
TATTOO:  Noya Winging Curls Full Body Tattoo, VIP Gift

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.  

FYI, I will be starting college on Monday, that is 08/20/2012.  I hope to be able to log in and do my posts.  Still trying to play catch up now.  Stay tuned. 

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