Wednesday, July 18, 2012


As many of you know, Seraphim has turned 1!  There is a hunt around the grid just for this event.  It is called, "Seraphim Turns One" Birthday Hunt.  There is a list and pictures of all the items on,  I found this easier for myself to do, because not everyone will have the same taste in the prizes.  You are looking for a little cupcake with one candle, and costs $10L at each store that is participating.  Have fun, and good luck.

The outfit and skin are from the Seraphim Birthday hunt.  This look is what I liked the most.  Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to leave any feedback on any of my posts.

SKIN/SHAPE:  SKIN:   [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma, Desiree Light Skintone.  SHAPE:   [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma, Gula Fair Skintone (Sweet Bundle).

HAIR:  TRUTH, Neve - Black/White Pack.

EYES/EYELASHES:  EYES:  [:ME:]Mirror's Enigma, Naturelle, Dark Blue.  EYELASHES:  DAMNED, My Perfect Eyelashes.

OUTFIT:  SAKIDE, Linen Harem Outfit, Black.

SHOES:  Maitreya Gold, Flip-Flops, Eclipse.

ACCESSORIES:  NECKLACE:  (AMD)Apple May Designs, Enchanted Necklace, Noir.  BRACELETS:  (AMD)Apple May Designs, Fashionista Bangles, Black.  TATTOO:  CoLLisions, Cosmos.

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