Sunday, July 15, 2012


Just a little bit of background.  Shortly after I started SL, I was introduced to the role-playing world.  I entered a sim where I met a lot of wonderful people.  A group of demon's entered the sim, and one of the demon's is Lillith Reanimator.  She wore these very cool tentacles, and was very vile.  As if she was the spawn of Satan herself.  I wasn't sure of her at first, but Lillith and I grew very close.  Lillith, the spawn of Satan, Medow, the carefree Neko.  Who would have thought.  Anyway, when we would see one another, we had "pet" names for each other.  Lillith would call me PusPus, and I would call Lillith, Lillypad.  And the rest is history.

Lillith is the creator of DEMON DESIGNS, which is located on the role-playing sim called, PSYCHO CHAOS.  Psycho Chaos is based on classic horror movies.  Lillith's latest creation is called, Hell Pit Kid's.  There are four in the series.  With each product, you will receive a lifetime of updates.  They are $750L's each, and come in four different type of babies.  Some of the babies even come with their own toys!  The four babies are called, Lillypad, Nailen, Sadie, and Simon.  If you would like any custom made babies, please feel free to contact Lillith Reanimator in-world by a notecard or instant message.  Come check them out!

Words from the creator herself;  "These little monsters are crafted with many hours of hate and dread.  I just couldn't stand those ugly a$$ babies out there, why the hell would you want them?  After weeks of research and looking into this, I set out on my mission. To bring to you.... My little creations of vile and disgust.  Hell Pit Kid!!!"

Now on to what I am wearing...  [:ME:] has out a new group gift for the month of July.  It is free to all of [:ME:]'s group member's.

SKIN/SHAPE:  Skin:  [:ME:] Paris Pale Skintone w/Freckles + Cleavage (July Gift).  Shape:  [:ME:] Gula Special Slim Shape, tweaked.

HAIR:  >TRUTH< Velvet- Black/White Pack-Pearl

EYES/EYELASHES:  Eyes:  .ID. Darkest Browns / Nearly Black.  Eyelashes:  - DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes.

OUTFIT:  Shorts:  :::Sn@tch Skintight Leather Shorts, in Black.  Top:  ...::: Scrub :::... Takes Full Hands Top

BOOTS:  :::Sn@tch Cowboy Boots of Evil:::

ACCESSORIES:  Facial Piercing:  [-iPoke-] Encoded Piercing.  Upper Tattoo:  !::Wicked Tattoos::! - Dark Angel.  Earrings:  :::Sn@tch My Cold Black Heart Jewelry.  Nails:  ...::: Scrub :::... Black Nails.  Belt:  ...:::Scrub:::... Rosary Belt.

The lower tattoo is not for sale.  You won't be able to find it.  It was a personal gift.

Demon Designs:
[:ME:] Mirror's Enigma:
Truth Hair:
Insufferable Dastards:
Wicked Tattoos:

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