Thursday, June 21, 2012

I love the color pink!  Though it is not my favorite color, but I love the different hues that one can play around with.  

I don't know how to photo shop, paint shop, or any kind of shop, other then buying what I like.  But I thought I would mess around with it in this look.  

In this blog post, I am showcasing another skin by Ydreece Forster, aka Rain as I call her.  She is the owner/creator of [: Mirror's Enigma :].  Like I have said before, Rain is very talented, and creative.  Thank you Rain, like always, love your work.

SKIN/HAIR BASE/SHAPE:  SKIN:  [:ME:] Gula Fair Skintone (Sweet Bundle) (Natural E1 w/CL).  HAIR BASE:  [:ME:] Gula Bald Hair base:  Eyebrow.  SHAPE:  [:ME:] Gula Special Slim Shape, tweaked the eyes some.  

HAIR:  >TRUTH< Pandora -  Reds - Streaked - Quince.

EYES/EYELASHES:  EYES:  .ID. Delightfully Bright Neons - Pink.  EYELASHES:  -DAMNED- My Perfect Eyelashes.  

OUTFIT:  PARADISIS Cupid Kiss Full Outfit Pink.

ACCESSORIES:  HAIR FLOWER:  Swallowtail Jewelry Pearl Hairclip.  HAIR CLIP:  EarthStones Gem Clip - Butterflies.  CHOKER:  ::MOOD:: Diamante Choker in Blush.

  .ID. Insufferable Dastard

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