Monday, October 13, 2014

Fallen Angel

This outfit reminds me of a Fallen Angel.  The meaning of Fallen Angle, is a wicked or rebellious angel that has been cast out of heaven.
Envious - Lilith - New Release
*Comes with the holster w/money, pasties, tail, wings, 
goggles w/bows, left bracelet, heels (for SLink High Feet),
right bracelet, chain armor, garter, lil'horns, and skelleton hands.*
SLink - Casual Hands & High Feet
Truth Hair - Alessandra w/Roots - Black/White's
Hysteria Tattoo - Running Through My Veins - Black
*I am not able to find any SL information about Hysteria.*
Mandala - Stretched Ears
Haus of Darcy - Metal Mouth Round Dermals - Slide
*Wearing Angel Bites, and Labret.*
Glam Affair - Zara - Jamaica 09
Letis Tattoo - Electra
Repulse - Lacerated V4 Eyes

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