Monday, December 2, 2013


There has been a change with SYS-Project.  I am not sure if its permanent, but for the time being, it has changed.
All of the designers that are part of SYS-Project now offer their skin at their main location in-world.  When you wear your SYS-Project group tag, you will receive your discounted price.  Make sure that you are wearing that group tag!

This round Mirror's Enigma has the Peach and Native skintone versions of Freya on sale.  Freya comes with versions of cleavage and without cleavage.  The peach skintone has freckles, where as the native skintone dose not, a dark green eye color in peach Freya, and a "blind" eye color in the native Freya.  Both skintones has the appliers for all you applier gals, but no SLink ones as of yet.  Freya now has two different types of lip color styles to choose from, but they are sold separately.  Below I wanted to do some kind of "rocker girl" look.

Sakide - Mini Lace Skirt (Black)
LouLou & Co. - Necklace - Like Blood
Ducknipple - Eve Collar (w/Hud), CorStud (w/Hud), & Studded Pumps (w/Hud)
Sn@tch - Spiked Leather Bangles
Souriries - Butterfly Wings Tattoo (Dark)
[:ME:] Freya Native Skintone (SYSP December)(Natural/DarkBrow w/Cleavage)
[:ME:] Freya Cat EyeShadow Pack (Mint Full)
[:ME:] Freya Cut Lips Pack (Black Cut Lips 01)
[:ME:] Freya Plain Lips Pack (Hot Plain Dark Lips)
[:ME:] Unnatural Eye Colors - Blind
Truth Hair - Fernanda (w/Hud) (Group Gift 11/2013)
Hebenon Vial - Jewel (Ink)
Dollle - Cat Ears Leather Head Band (Black) (Gift)

In-World Links
*LouLou & Co.
*Truth Hair
*Hebenon Vial

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