Sunday, December 8, 2013


I'm thrilled to inform you all that I have a new designer to blog for.  From time to time you will see things from Adoness.  Since I'm still on this Freya kick from Mirror's Enigma, I wanted to come up with a dollie look for you all.

Until December 14th, Adoness is part of The Main Event.  Feel free to take the opportunity to head down there and have a look.

Adoness - LilaBellis - (10,000 Group Gift)
                 Princess Mia Nails - Purple
                 Dolly Queen - Doll Key - Royal Blue
                 Darian Eyes - Mimosa
                 Sol - Integrity - Mahogany @ The Main Event
Mirror's Enigma - Freya Tan Skintone (Bundle)(Dread/BerryBrow w/Freckles)
                              Freya Plain Lips Pack (Dynasty Plain Dark Lips)
Pixel Mode - Tabi Boots - Black (Mesh)
Mandala - Steking Ears - Unisex

The Main Event
Mirror's Enigma
Pixel Mode

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