Monday, December 23, 2013


There are a couple of events that Adoness is participating in.  If you are a bargain shopper, you might want to check these events out.

This year, Adoness is celebrating this holiday season with a Christmas Market.  It is full of fantastic deals. The prices are varying between $35 - $50L's!  If you are looking for items like hair, clothing, nails and other accessories, then you want to head on down to Adoness.  And if that's not enough, there is more!  There are 10 gifts at the market location.  They are in a bright red package, and easy to find, and priced cheap.

Genre is an unique monthly event which specializes in different genres and cultures.  Every month each participating designers places out an exclusive release and is priced at $100L or below.  This month the genre is Victorian.  Adoness is very proud to be participating in such an unique event.

EarthStones - Tempest Gothic Set - Garnet
Utopiah - Mesh Cat Silver Tiara
[:ME:] Kami Tan Skintone (Masque/BrownBrow w/ CL)
Adoness - Lignum Eyes - Sky @ Christmas Market
Adoness - Ethel - Red @ GENRE - Victorian
Pixel Mode - Diamond Edition Mesh Nails

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