Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I am a huge, huge, huge fan of the Neko look.  In my early days in SL, when I discovered this look,  I became hooked!  In RL, I'm not able to have a cat, but wish I could.  I think being Neko makes up for that. There are so, so, so many ways to do a Neko look, but I have to say, I think this is another favorite for me. The owner, creator, dear friend of Mirror's Enigma, Ydreece Forster, has gone to extreme lengths on Freya. I was passed the make-up, Cat Eye Look for Freya.  There are two options, full eye-shadow, and not so much eye-shadow.  I love the full shadow look.  There are several colors to choose from.  Below is the Violet color.  Okay, enough of my rambling thoughts.  On with the show!  Enjoy.  (= > . - =)

*Just remember, Freya is due to be released on November 29th.  That is only two days from now.  Well for me it is.  I live in the U.S.  *giggle*

[:ME:] Freya Tan Skintone (Bundle) (Tired/BerryBrow)
[:ME:] Freya Cat EyeShadow Pack(Violet Full)
EarthStones - Cat Eyes(Blue Topaz)
Hebenon Vial - Jewel (Mesh) (Ink)

Magika [03] Sudden
Insanya - Short Hoodie - 6 Styles (Psycho) (Group Gift)
Drift - Daisy Dukes [MESH] Denim w/HUD
Psychotic Neko - Skinny Tail (w/Color Changing Bow)(Black)
Psychotic Neko - Pierced Ears (Black)
Utopiah - Mesh Cat Tiara (Ink)
Saboteur - Kittie Whiskers (@ Marketplace)
Rustica  - Bitch (Mesh) Studded Belt Pack (Leather/Silver)
Bax Coen Designs - Ornament Leggings - Spiderweb
Quintessencia - Zodiac Signs Tattoo - Taurus
Sakide (Sassy Kitty Designs) Sassy Doll Key Paw Boots (Black)
Mayhem tattoo is not a for sale item.  It was a gift from a designer.

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