Thursday, March 28, 2013


It has been a busy week so far.  I like to share some good news with you all.  I was accepted to blog for Ducknipple/SLX Outfits/20.FIVE.  I'm stoked about this!  The bloggers copies were sent out.  As I am going over them, I came up with this look.  I like to think its simple, but edgey.

Mirror's Enigma has updated the Superbia Skin line.  The update looks awesome!  I look forward for more updates from [:ME:].

If at all anyone has questions, please feel free to visit Ducknipple's Blog, or Mirror's Enigma's Blog.

DN(Ducknipple) Mesh Denim Mini Skirt - Warm <~~ Current Release
DN(Ducknipple) Mesh: Socks & Shoes: Pat w HUD <~~ Current Release

SLX Outfit: Rolmops - Top (S) <~~ Current Release
(Outfit Rolmops featuring: Rigged mesh jeans + cropped top. Very basic sneakers with default resizer)
SLX Outfit: Strapper - Snake Finger <~~ Current Release
SLX Outfit: Strapper - Fishnets <~~ Current Release

[:ME:] SuperbiaV3 Peach Skintone (Bundle)(Shade/RedBrow w/ CL) (V3 Update)
[:ME:] SuperbiaV2 Shape (Standard XXS)
[:ME:] Superbia Eye Lashes (Natural Vanity)

adoness: darian eyes: mimosa

[PM]Pixel Mode-Diamond Edition Mesh Nails

(Caroline's) Large Hoop Earrings (gift)

.ploom. Adora - Monotone

[-iPoke-] Vitamin


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