Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was going through the things I got yesterday while out an about, shopping, and I had to share this look with you all.  This morning as I was taking the pictures for the blog, I got this IM from a random person.  This guy, or so I think it was a guy, had this to say to me... *name has been changed due to SL's privacy*  I RP (roleplay) at Psycho Misfits.  All of the pictures I take are done from a studio that is set up.  Any questions regarding RP, you can contact Lillith Reanimator, Absinthe Mirabella, Myself, or Dream Deanimator in-world.  Please note that Alterego no longer has the lucky chairs or MM boards.  But has replaced the area with some group, and/or gotcha items.  This is where I got the corset, panties, and pop ring from.

[04:49] Incoming message from Resident
[04:49] Autoresponse sent
[04:49] Resident: wow cute out fit :D
[04:50] Ⓜedow Ⓕirehawk: thank you
[04:51] Resident: your welcome
[04:53] Ⓜedow Ⓕirehawk: may i ask what outfit you are referring to?
[04:53] Resident: the one
[04:53] Resident: your wearing
[04:54] Resident: I walked by you on the sim XD
[04:54] Ⓜedow Ⓕirehawk: oh, you must have been peeking....ohhhhhh
[04:54] Resident: yea :P
[04:55] Ⓜedow Ⓕirehawk: what brings you to psycho misfits?
[04:55] Resident: rp
[04:55] Resident: dark urban idk
[04:56] Ⓜedow Ⓕirehawk: do you have any questions?
[04:57] Resident: no just exploring :P and  just had to msg you cause your smexy :D
[04:58] Ⓜedow Ⓕirehawk: well explore away....and thank you ;-)

Apple May Designs - Fashionista Bangles - Silver
[PM]Pixel Mode-Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
SLX Outfit: Hussle - Necklace
Ducknipple: Mesh: Zaar Boots w HUD
[:ME:] Medow Light Skintone (Mint/Black w/ CL)
.ID. VIP Gift - .ID. Outlet New Releases
{alterego} mesh corsets
{alterego} ring pops - aqua
{alterego} playboy panties - deep pink
>TRUTH< Tenille w/Roots - cherry w/headband(HUD)
[-iPoke-] Vitamin

Apple May Design
Pixel Mode
Mirror's Enigma
Insufferable Dastard
Truth Hair

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