Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello My Name Is...

Me:  Hello my name is Medow, and I'm a shoe whore.

Group:  HI!  MEDOW!!!

Me:  I just cannot get enough of these Ducknipple SLink High Heels!  What should I do to control myself?These urges are just unbearable.  So... I give in to the unmistakable temptation, and slip on the high heels. They fit like a glove.  These high heels even don't hurt my feet while I shop for more heels.

Group Moderator:  Thank you Medow for sharing your recent addiction temptation.  I think I need to run down to Ducknipple and get me a pair of those adorable shoes.

Ducknipple - Jose SLink High Heels
SLink - Feet (Mesh) High

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