Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here are a few more things that you can get at The Manga Fair.  I have to say, this fair is full of all Manga related items that are just too peckin' cute.  I hope you have a thrilling shopping experience at this fair.  Just remember, The Manga Fair doesn't end until July 30.  There is still lots of time to shop.  Happy shopping!

Morphine : Fujin Ivory Skintone (Natural & Blush) @ The Manga Fair
Modest - Sugar Sandals - Pink Sugar @ The Manga Fair
*Fist SLink Flat Feet.*
Panik - The Kawaii Eyes Wings - Rose @ The Manga Fair
Forever Young - Thigh Corsets - Teal/Purple (Mismatched Pastels) 
Forever Young - Cutie Patootie Giraffes - White Rainbow (Rare Gacha) 
Geek - Wolf Princess Mask - Red/Cream @ The Manga Fair
*I had a bit of trouble trying to fit the "wolf" piece, so I did not show it.*
Lolita - 54 Silver Bikini Top/Hentai Short - Pink @ The Manga Fair
Pomposity - Long Anime/Manga Necklace - Manga Geek @ The Manga Fair
SLink - Mesh Hands (Casual) & Mesh Feet Flat
Truth Hair - Blythe - Variety

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