Friday, May 30, 2014

Morphine @ Risque Business Fashion Fair

Krave Inc. Presents
Risque Business Fashion Fair
Hosted by Delirium Style & Sanctuary Inc.
From May 25th - June 18th.

Morphine is once again part of a Krave Inc. event.  If you are looking for something sexy, you must get down to this event.  Victoria is on display at Risque Business Fashion Fair.  With Victoria, you get many different eyebrow colors, along with 2 eye colors, and all the bells and whistles when you buy Victoria.
Victoria also has a clothing ensemble.  There are some choices that you have to choose from.  I am in love with Victoria's Ensemble Top.  Talk about "rawr!"  For more information, please CLICK HERE which will take you to Morphine's web site.

Morphine - Victoria Tan Skintone (Shade)(Red Brow) @ Risque Business Fashion Fair
Morphine - Naturelle Eyes - Black
*Comes with the Victoria Skins.* 
Morphine - Victoria's Ensemble - Black @ Risque Business Fashion Fair
Ducknipple - Platform Wedges
Truth Hair - Nova - Reds
RealEvil - Lux Liana Set - Rocker Pack
Ko'oeku(Arise) - Angle Piercing Mesh
Insanya - Stars Tattoo
Virtual/Insanity - Lucky Stroke Ciggie - (Smoked/Back2Black)

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