Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Now that the season of Spring is in full force, I like to show you this lovely new release from Bubblez Design.  The dress is called Zily.  Zily comes with a flowered garter, headpiece, and a hand piece to hold.  If you are looking for something to tip-toe through the tulips, then this is just the dress for it.

Some time this week, my internet service will be shut off.  Times are tough and sometimes you just have to pay certain bills.  I hope to be able to still keep my internet on for as long as possible, but just a warning that I may not be online for a certain amount of time.  =^.^= Medsy

P.S.  If I can help it, I never take off some of my mesh attatchments.  Meaning, I am always wearing my Slink Hands/Feet, and Mandala Ears.  This is just an FYI in case I don't blog them.

Bubblez Design - Zily Dress (Mesh) NEW RELEASE
*Comes with the Leg, Head, and Hand pieces.*
Morphine - FreyaV2 Tan Skintone - Bundle (Dainty/Berry)
Morphine - Trinity Eyes - Blind (Comes with FreyaV2 Bundle)
@ The Krave Urban Fair until April 30
Truth Hair - April - Reds (Hud Controlled) - NEW
Slink - Mesh Hands (Casual) & Mesh Feet (High)

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