Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello one and all!  I would like to take this moment and wish everyone a joyous New Year.  I am pleased that 2013 is in the history books.  A lot has happened.  I hope everyone makes due on their resolutions this year.  I have a few myself.  One of which is to try and blog more.  LOL!  We'll see how that goes, right? ;-)
Where there is hope, one can believe.  Until next time.

Check out this look I came up with.  Clothes, collar, top, and boots are all from a new designer I am blogging for.  I like for you to meet [baii maii].  You can find [baii maii] in-world and on the Marketplace.

[:ME:] Freya Tan Skintone (Bundle)(Natural/BerryBrow)
[:ME:] Freya Cat EyeShadow(Blue/Full)
[:ME:] Freya Plain Lips(Pale/Dark Lips)
Baii Maii - 09 Pleated Skirt(Mesh)(Skirt Only)
                   This skirt does come with a belt, but not shown here.
Baii Maii - 011 Collar/Puff-top(Mesh)
Baii Maii - 017 Boots (Leather)(Black/Grey)(Mesh)
Adoness - Playful Fae - Brick Pink @ Christmas Market (Until Jan. 1, 2014)
Adoness - Toxaris - Integrity(Mahogany/Shaved Swirls - Red) @ Frost Fair(Until Jan. 5, 2014)
Adoness - Lilin - Choker/Earrings (Diamond)(Earrings Shown)
Insufferable Dastard - September Gift
Apple May Design - Believe Ring His/Hers (Hers Shown)(Group Gift)
Haus of Darcy - Fast Hardbeat (Mesh)(Silver Lining)

*F R O S T
*Baii Maii
*Insufferable Dastard
*Apple May Design
*Haus of Darcy

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