Thursday, July 30, 2020

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*These nails come fitted for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya & SLink.
With the included nail color changing HUD, you have 8 colors
to choose from. The colors are ombre. You can pick up your
copy of these nails during the event Gems by Unik.
*Yulia gater comes fitted for Legacy & Maitreya. You have a
garter for both the left & right legs. With the included HUD,
you're able to customize the look of the garter. Available at
Gems by Unik.*
*This heart septum rings comes in 3 colors, black, gold & silver.
Available now at Gems by Unik. I am wearing the nose ring, but
not able to see it very well.*

*This ring set comes fitted for Legacy, Maitreya & Signature Bento hands,
which are all sold separately. Each pack comes with a left & right, or
a only left or right, and a customization HUD. You can pick up your ring
set at the Miix Event. The Miix Event opens today & runs until the 20th
of next month.*

*Maeve is for Baked on Mesh only. With each Single pack, there are 3 skintones,
4 eyebrow & browless verison, a shape, new body v2.2, feet layer for Maitreya,
Legacy, Signature, SLink & Belleza, nipple hiders, 3 hairbases with 1 tintable,
& an eyebrow shaper. In my photo, I'm wearing the Peach Skintone.*
*These set of eyelashes are an exclusive item. There is 12 different
lash styles. You can pick up your lashes until the 26 of this month.*
*This set of matte lipsticks come in 15 different colors. This lipstick
pack is also available at the Makeover Room until the 26th.*
*Is compatible with Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature & SLink. 
It comes in 12 tones, milk, porcelain, fair, sunkissed, peach, golden,
tan, caramel, nougat, cappuccino, toffee & cocoa. There are 3 types
of breasts. Body freckles & moles are also included. You even get
specific feet for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature & SLink. Body
V3, is all on the tattoo layer & sold separately.*

*This belly chain comes fitted for Legacy,
Maitreya & Belleza Freya.*
*This piercing comes fitted for Legacy &
Maitreya. Color changing HUD included.*

*These arm bracelets come fitted for
Legacy & Maitreya.*

*There has been some updates that has taken
place at Magika. The updates are more realistic
hair textures, improved materials, HUD design
& a new store build. The new hair Midnight,
comes with bangs, a fork, 3 hair sizes, a resizable
hair & fork & the new hair coloring HUD.*

*This is a full perm mesh product that also has textures.*

*This tattoo comes on the classic
tattoo layer (for BoM wearers),
appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, SLink,
Legacy & Omega. You also have 4
different opacities; 35, 50, 75 & 100%.*

*Comes with a customization HUD.*

*There is so, so, much that comes with your new
head. It is impossible to list them all. Oh! Almost
forgot, the new line of heads are full Bakes on Mesh.*

*Of course you receive the body, hands, feet & HUD. You
also get 8 different shapes to start out with. Along with
the shapes, you get a high heel shaper as well. There is
an advanced material editor, (1.0.4), neck fades.
zip, and a Legacy fit Oh yeah, the alpha
layer is in there too. Demo the body before you buy.*

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