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"NOWHERE", a Survival Horror Game in Second Life, Sponsored and Produced by Pulse Games & the Snatch City Sim along with all our amazing Sponsors.  Now for the details..."NOWHERE" was designed and is inspired by the love of Survival Horror Video Games and Horror Films.  It is intended to scare the crap out of you. We hope you enjoy it, but there are some things that may help you enjoy it even more.  Please make sure you read all of the notecards that come with the game HUD.  I hope you enjoy it.

Listed below are some of the prizes from the "NOWHERE" game.
>Sn@tch - Misfit Tank Dress (Mesh)
*This tank dress comes in several
mesh sizes, along with sizes for 
Maitreya Lara body.*
>Sn@tch - Badass Chair Boots (Resizable)
*Love these kickass & questions later
boots.  They can be resized if you know
how to edit.*
>Sn@tch - Drucilla Hair - 2 Tone/Black & White (Mesh)
*This mesh hair comes in only a 2 tone option.
It is mesh and cannot be resized.*
>Sn@tch - Nowhere Transistor Radio - Souvenier (Destroyed)
*Will play with a click.*
Landing Point 
>Gauze - Lothlorien Headdress (Resizable)
*This headdress comes as separate parts
& a full headdress part.  Comes with a HUD.*
>Enchant3D - Old Wood Pergola w/Blood-spatter
*This pergola is 1 prim & 1 land impact.*
>Ama - Jewled Pumpkin - Black
*1 prim & 1 land impact.*

*These leg harnesses are fuck'n hawt!!!  The come in full harness
for both legs.  With the included HUD, you can change the leather
& metal colors and/or toggle on/off sections.  The are a fit mesh
for Belleza bodies, SLink bodies & Maitreya Lara body.*
RealEvil Industries - Cora Arms Harness - V1.1 (Mesh/Updated)
*The arms harness are the same as the last release, but
with this new and updated release, it is fitted for even
the Belleza's mesh bodies.  The arms harness is also at
The Cosmopolitan Event.*

Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Trick or Treat - Free Gift @ Trick Or Treat Lane
*This adorable nail applier is a free gift at the Trick or Treat Lane Event.
It costs $0L's.  You have until November 1st to pick up your's.*

PinUp Tattoo Style - Gretel Tattoo - Top & Legs @ FreakShow Carnival
*I am on the hunt to find the info about this carnival.  As of right
now, I do not have any.  I am wearing the tattoo at 60% shade.*

WoW Skins - Lilac Catwa Applier - Tan Skintone @ Designer Showcase
*This natural looking applier can be found at the
Designer Showcase until October 31st.  It also
has a no brow option.*
WoW Skins - Natasha Eyes - Catwa Eye Applier
*A set of lovely colors for Catwa's mesh eyes.*
WoW Skins - Maitreya Body Applier - Tan Skintone
*A all-in-one applier HUD with/out cleavage.*

Haus of Darcy - Metal Mouth Spiked Dermals - Slide (Mesh)
*I'm wearing the Dolphin & Medusa piercings.*
Haus of Darcy - Thrust Round Hip Dermals (Mesh)
*Thrust comes in 2 versions, I'm wearing V2, Slide.*

Maxi Gossamer Jewellery - Constantina Pearl Heart Choker (Mesh)
*This was part of the flash sale over the weekend.  Earrings are
also included.  Scripted to change color of pearls and metal.*

Catwa - AnnaGrey Mesh Head - Basic Edition - V4.10 (Mesh)
*Comes with a main & animations HUD's.*
Catwa - Mesh Eyes Pack - Updated (Mesh)
*Comes with mesh eyes, tears & HUD's.*

Maitreya - Lara Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5 (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

Strawberry Singh - Zara Shape - Only @ Marketplace
*Wearing the shape for mesh heads.*

Repose - Jewel Pose Pack - Pose #5
Repose - Smoking Hot Pose Pack - Pose #4
*Repose is having a "going out of
business sale.  Everything is marked 
down during it.  How long, I don't know.*

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