Friday, June 3, 2016

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Hello my wonderful readers!  I would like to apologize for not blogging that much this week.  Since Memorial Day (yeppers, I'm from the U.S.), I have had a family member in the hospital.  My cousin, was attacked with a baseball bat.  He was hit three times in the head.  He was hit three times.  He was hit so hard on one of the blows, that it caused his brain to shift 12 mm.  After a four hour surgery, his brain was so swollen, that part of his skull had to be left off.  He had to have a CT scan done the other day.  It showed that 90% of his brain is damaged.  He was taken off life support this evening.  It just has been a very tough week.  I don't really mean to talk about my Real Life, but, eh, I did.  Just bare with me.  SecondLife and blogging is a way for me to escape.  Anyway, enough of my rambling.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.  ~Medsy~

Post #586
Sn@tch - Itsy Bitsy Lacy Bikinis - New Release
*This bikini set comes in a calico print with a
lot of crochet lace.  And the thong, its barely
even there, but does have a cute bow on the
backside of the thong.  It comes in 10 colors,
system layers & an Omega Applier HUD for
all you mesh body wearers.*

Catwa - Alice Basic Mesh Head - V4.9 (Mesh)
*Alice's basic head comes with basic brown
mesh eyes, a main & upgradable animations
HUD's.  Also included is a Eyes Depth Shape,
alpha layer & animations for mic talk.*

Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body/Hands/Feet - V3.5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

RealEvil Industries - Dark Queen Bracelets (Mesh)
*Wearing only the right bracelets.  Comes
with a customization HUD.*
RealEvil Industries - Dark Queen Septum Ring - P5 (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*
RealEvil Industries - Moon Flight Bracelets - Fat Pack (Mesh)
*Wearing only the arm cuff for the left arm.  Comes
with a customization HUD.*
RealEvil Industries - Raven Collar - Key - Female (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Maxi Gossamer Jewellery - Sister Catrina Muertos Earrings/Rings (Mesh)
*Wearing only the large gold left ring.  Scripted to
change the background of the ring.*

KC Couture - Kailua Waist Chain - Maitreya Fit (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Shock Factory - Shades Of White Nails - Luxury Series
*These nails come with fits for Belleza, Maitreya,
Regular, SLink (Casual, Elegant, Gesture & Splayed),
The Mesh Project & regular hands.  Included is a
HUD to adjust the size & color.  For the regular
hands, you also get a glove layer to hide the nail.*

Ikon - Triumph Eyes - Silverleaf(R) & Sky(L)
*Comes with system & mesh eyes.  Also
included is a HUD to adjust them.*

Truth Hair & Apparel - Thelma - Variety Hair Pack (Mesh)
*Comes with/out the headband.  Included is a hair
color changing HUD.*

Mandala - Stretched Ears - Female - Omimi (Mesh)
*Wearing plug hole size 4.  Other sizes & a
customization HUD is included.*

WoW Skins - Mimi Catwa Applier HUD - Tan Skintone
*This applier HUD gives you 4 brow & 5 eyeshadow
options.  You also get a freckles & moles applier too.*
WoW Skins - Maitreya Skin Applier - Tan Skintone
*This HUD has cleavage or no cleavage.*

Glitterati Poses - Pinup Pose Pack - Pose #8

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