Friday, April 22, 2016

Post #571

Sn@tch - Queen Bitch Latex Bodysuit - Exclusive @ 50 Shades of Lust
*To get this exclusive from Sn@tch, you need to visit 50 Shades
of Lust, which is now open.  Queen Bitch has a built-in corset in
8 dark colors.  Also with this bodysuit, you get it in the classic
system layers & an Omega applier.*
Sn@tch - Coco Latex Boots - 50% off @ 50 Shades of Lust
*What a deal!  To go along with the Queen Bitch Latex 
Bodysuit, you can pick up the Coco Latex Boots.  Which
are discounted at 50% off original price.  These boots
have several mesh body fits. The Coco Boots
comes with a HUD that has 18 different
colors.  Rwarrrr!  Latex!  What are you waiting for?*

RealEvil Industries - Savage Necklace - New Release @ Men's Only Monthly
*Savage comes with a men's or women's version.  The HUD, that is
also included, has 6 metal, 6 leather & 6 stone options.  A full bright
toggle button is also on the HUD.  MOM is now open.*

Catwa - Jessica Mesh Head - V4.9 - (Mesh) UPDATED
*The new updated version has fewer HUD's as
before.  You only have 2 now.*

SlackGirl - Jussara Mesh & Make-up
*The make-up comes in Catwa
applier & classic system heads.*

Belleza - Venus Mesh Body Package - Isis Mesh Body (Mesh)
*A customization HUD included.*
Belleza - Sara Catwa Applier - Medium Skintone
*I think i picked this applier up at Uber.  I'm
unsure if the round I got it at has ended.  The
lipstick on this image is from the Catwa HUD.*

Mandala - Stretched Ears - Omimi (Mesh)
*I'm wearing ear size 3/Plug.  HUD
is included to customize the ears.*

Insufferable Dastard - Angel Eyes - Fade & Gray - VIP Group Gift
*Comes in classic layer & mesh eyes.*

Truth Hair & Apparel - Olympia - Light Blondes (Mesh)
*Comes with/out a sun visor, hair/accessories HUD.*

SIM Location - Three Moons - Home to The Reanimated Misfits

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