Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunshine On The Mind

[Hush] Skins - Isabella - Makeup 1 - Skin 04
[Hush] Skins - Brow Couture - Brown - Shape 1
[Hush] Skins - Lip Color - Pure Gloss - Glossified 04
*The brow couture and lip color/pure gloss came
with the skin.*
Insufferable Dastard - Opulent Eyes - Hazel
Sn@tch - Margie Sun Dress (Mesh) - New Release
*Other colors that come with the dress.*
Mandala - Tefutefu Set - Diamond (Mesh)
*Wearing just the necklace from the set.*
RealEvil - Revox Alegoria Bracelets (Mesh)
Exile - American Woman - Natural Fusion - Dirty (Mesh)
SLink - Physique Body & Casual Hands (Mesh)


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