Sunday, May 27, 2012


During the month of May, there was a Deprived Nation/High Voltage grid wide hunt.  I wasn't able to get every item, but I got a few.  I enjoy looking different in SL, because I enjoy role-playing, so I came up with this look.  Also, if you're into the Neko look, I think this outfit would fit in well.  I would definitely use this outfit just for that.  Enjoy!

Shape: Customized

Skin: [:ME:]( Mirror's Enigma) Felicity Native Skin (Smoky w/ CL)

Hair: >TRUTH< Cleo - reds

Eyes/eyelashes: .ID.(Insufferable Dastards) Eye Gacha! - !Exclusive! Real Eyes/Bright, - DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes <3

Outfit: :: alterego :: Put Your Name On It

Shoes: [ SAKIDE ] Lost City Outfit Stompers ZombiePopcorn

Accessories: (Caroline's) Large Hoop Earrings, <R>(Ripped) Judas Armbands [SplitVendor], FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)(gift), Sn@tch Swag Bag (Darkness Ring)(Culture Shock)

Pose: Magnifique, gift pose 3

FYI; In the :: alterego :: outfit, I changed the attachment spot from the chin to the chest and edited it to fit.

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