Friday, May 30, 2014

Morphine @ Risque Business Fashion Fair

Krave Inc. Presents
Risque Business Fashion Fair
Hosted by Delirium Style & Sanctuary Inc.
From May 25th - June 18th.

Morphine is once again part of a Krave Inc. event.  If you are looking for something sexy, you must get down to this event.  Victoria is on display at Risque Business Fashion Fair.  With Victoria, you get many different eyebrow colors, along with 2 eye colors, and all the bells and whistles when you buy Victoria.
Victoria also has a clothing ensemble.  There are some choices that you have to choose from.  I am in love with Victoria's Ensemble Top.  Talk about "rawr!"  For more information, please CLICK HERE which will take you to Morphine's web site.

Morphine - Victoria Tan Skintone (Shade)(Red Brow) @ Risque Business Fashion Fair
Morphine - Naturelle Eyes - Black
*Comes with the Victoria Skins.* 
Morphine - Victoria's Ensemble - Black @ Risque Business Fashion Fair
Ducknipple - Platform Wedges
Truth Hair - Nova - Reds
RealEvil - Lux Liana Set - Rocker Pack
Ko'oeku(Arise) - Angle Piercing Mesh
Insanya - Stars Tattoo
Virtual/Insanity - Lucky Stroke Ciggie - (Smoked/Back2Black)

Monday, May 26, 2014


Morphine has a new release only at Penumbra Fashion Week.  This is a week long event with fashion shows, and etc... which started on May 25, and runs through to May 31st/   If you'd like more information ~~>CLICK HERE!<~~

My blog has hit a huge milestone.  I now have over 10,000 blog hits.  Thank you everyone for even looking/reading my blog.

Morphine - Nadine Tan Skintone (Smoky)(Black Brow w/Cleavage) @ Penumbra Fashion Week
Morphine - Trinity Eyes - Blue
*Comes with Nadine's Skintone's.*
Morphine - Nadine's Leather Dress - Black(Mesh) @ Penumbra Fashion Week
Ducknipple - Viva Collar(Mesh)
Izzie's - Patterned Tights II (Fishnet)
Sn@tch - Franke Latex Gloves
Bax Cohen Boots - Prestige Boots - Black Leather
Adoness - Anaxilea - Naturally (Pitch Black)
Adoness - Damask Shaved Hair(Black Shades)
Insanya - Stars Tattoo
Mandala - Taper Ears
Ko'oeku - Angle Piercing(Mesh)
*Unable to find a location for Ko'oeku.*

Sunday, May 18, 2014


WORLD GOTH FAIR 2014 (May 15th - June 1st)

World Goth Fair is back for the third time and better than ever! This is a charity event where designers donate a certain amount of funds to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is a UK based charity that was founded in the wake of the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster, a young woman who was killed for being a goth. Her boyfriend and herself were brutally attacked and injured for being different from "regular" people. If you are able to support this event with a purchase or two, please do so, because we all should remember that sun shines for everyone!

Adoness: Hekate Corsets @ Word Goth Fair 2014 (50% donation)
*Shown corsets are; Aurora, Meteor, and Neptune.*
Epic - Bow Peep Toe Heels - Black
*Slink Mesh Feet in High are required.*

Morphine : Ghail Medium Skintone (Bundle)
**Shrouded/Brown Brow w/Cleavage shown
**Ghail Special Shape (Mesh Clothing Size XS)
**Trinity Eyes - Shinra (Comes with SephV2)
RealEvil - Lux Liana Set - Rocker Pack
*Hud Color Controlled.*
Slink - Mesh Hands (Casual) & Feet (High)
PixelFashion - Eve Temptation Set (Bracelet Shown)
Insanya - Laced Panties (Group Gift) & Stars Tattoo (New Release)
*Come with appliers hud.*
*Comes with Slink and Azz appliers.*
Truth Hair - Fleur - Reds @ Current Round of Collabor88
*Comes with 3 different colored flowers.*
Girlicious - Stripe Polish (Fingernails) @ SL Marketplace
*For Slink Hands Only.*

Friday, May 16, 2014


Yes, it has been ages since I have blogged anything.  I personally have been struggling with creativeness. Along with RL, it has been a very busy month of May for me.  Anyway, on with the blog.

The look below is from a couple of events Morphine is in.  The look I have come up, the skin is from the current hunt, The Cotton Candy Hunt.  The dress is part of this month's Feeb's Little Rascals.

Morphine : Juliana Spring Dress (Mint) @ Feeb's Little Rascals
*Juliana Spring Dress also comes in Carnation.*
Morphine : Rowena Tan Skintone (Smoky)
*The Cotton Candy Hunt prize.*
*There is a few optoins with this prize.  Head on down to the Main Store and grab this up.*
Truth Hair - Thelma - Variety
Insufferable Dastard - Skylight / Amber
EarthStones - Butterfly Necklace - Whisper